#21886: TommyLinthurst -> davepoobond

On Last.fm, this guy TommyLinthurst, asked to be my friend so I said yes and he sends me the following messages:

TommyLinthurst:  Hey, thanks for becoming a friend!
this is NOT spam. I just seriously think you’ll be interested.
Please check out my band’s latest EP called “1991” to listen to some kickass Rock! If you really like it, then go to <url here> and download it absolutely for FREE!!
You see, I manage the band, and there’s no other way of promoting them, so sorry if it was annoying.
Spread the word & Thanks a lot! This music needs to be heard!

davepoobond: i’m not entirely sure what your definition of “not spam” is but “unwanted advertisements via the internet” are considered spam.

TommyLinthurst: alright, whatever. you just missed a good band.

Fuck you Tommy.  Get off your lazy ass and promote at shows like a normal band does.