Chat #5962

LordFancyPants: who r u

ShockTheMonkey: talk some

LordFancyPants: yeah, what he said

Emmy-Lou: no

ShockTheMonkey: oh shes a smart one dude

LordFancyPants: reverse psyc, DONT TALK

Emmy-Lou: ok

ShockTheMonkey: d’oh

ShockTheMonkey: talk some damn you

Emmy-Lou: why u add me

LordFancyPants: you added me you gherkin

Emmy-Lou: no i didert

ShockTheMonkey: didert eh? im fond of those

Emmy-Lou: shut up

ShockTheMonkey: *whispers* i think she likes me

LordFancyPants: back off

LordFancyPants: hes mine

<Emmy-Lou has left the conversation>


#5960: ShockTheMonkey -> IgetBORED

ShockTheMonkey: hey man my ass hurts from today

ShockTheMonkey: ;o)

IgetBORED: yeh me too, i hurt my knee on that damn rope rock thing

ShockTheMonkey: swingin across a river with deftones playing on ur stereo, whilst shitting our pants with laughter at eachothers attempts to make us fall

ShockTheMonkey: what a day

IgetBORED: not giving a shit kicks ass

ShockTheMonkey: best thing is

ShockTheMonkey: we both have beautiful girlfriends, and were both jackasses

IgetBORED: it rules to be a jackass

ShockTheMonkey: amen to that

ShockTheMonkey: i’d lift my glass, but its heavy and im lazy

IgetBORED: amen to laziness.


#5959: ShockTheMonkey -> IgetBORED

ShockTheMonkey: ooooooooooooooodles

IgetBORED: stupid poodle

ShockTheMonkey: man IMs suck so bad

IgetBORED: yup. watcha do today

ShockTheMonkey: me and matt licked a raw sheeps heart in science class, everyone went nuts

IgetBORED: cool, why they go nuts

ShockTheMonkey: townies. they dont understand

IgetBORED: they should open up a little

IgetBORED: lick some raw livestock organs

ShockTheMonkey: it was a dare

ShockTheMonkey: a two way dare, we both did it

IgetBORED: no big deal, i’d do it

ShockTheMonkey: it was juicy and nasty looking

IgetBORED: so

IgetBORED: licking puss is worse

IgetBORED: they take leaks outta that hole

ShockTheMonkey: good point

IgetBORED: eating shit, now thats fucked up

ShockTheMonkey: german shizer movies

ShockTheMonkey: Eissen Mine Shizer

IgetBORED: that reminds me

IgetBORED: i need to take a shit

IgetBORED: cya


#5958: Senior Dingdong -> ShockTheMonkey

Senior Dingdong: egg nogg all round folks

ShockTheMonkey: hey dude

Senior Dingdong: i smell burning

ShockTheMonkey: someones baking brownies

Senior Dingdong: im listening to that nirvana tape of urs

ShockTheMonkey: im listening to pantera doing a sabbath song

Senior Dingdong: go back to scotland, scot

ShockTheMonkey: im not scottish, and thats my line you turdslinger

Senior Dingdong: and whatcha gonna do bout it, i used it, its now mine

ShockTheMonkey: *scratches head* err

ShockTheMonkey: watoow! *kicks knee*

Senior Dingdong: u got me, bleach is the best

ShockTheMonkey: u god darn right it is, nevermind is also tres good

ShockTheMonkey: incesticide = turd

Senior Dingdong: people = shit, what a load of wooden arm

ShockTheMonkey: poodles = left wing fat cats

Senior Dingdong: i gotta take my sis and her buttugly friend to the movies

ShockTheMonkey: haw haw *points*

Senior Dingdong: good thing its sunny out there, dont wanna catch a warm

ShockTheMonkey: toodles

Senior Dingdong: cya


#5957: ShockTheMonkey -> Charmslider

ShockTheMonkey: hey i know you

ShockTheMonkey: you owe me money

Charmslider: who are u

ShockTheMonkey: your grandpa

Charmslider: ur not my grandpa u dick

ShockTheMonkey: can ur grandfather do this? *balanced jug on head and dances*

Charmslider: i guess not

ShockTheMonkey: precisely

Charmslider: r u fit

ShockTheMonkey: its been a while since i played the ol’ squash, but i jog often

Charmslider: v.funny, are u sexy

ShockTheMonkey: well i was once compared to a frog in a blender

Charmslider: lovely

ShockTheMonkey: but now im totally out of that whole ‘ liquidising amphibians’ phase

Charmslider: ur freak

ShockTheMonkey: and you my dear are a cokatu


#5956: ShockTheMonkey -> SugaGal

ShockTheMonkey: hi

SugaGal: howz u

ShockTheMonkey: im fine

ShockTheMonkey: you damn freakin plumber

SugaGal: wot?

ShockTheMonkey: you heard

SugaGal: well actually i saw, not heard

ShockTheMonkey: can it. you talk too much

SugaGal: woteva

ShockTheMonkey: your not just a plumber

SugaGal: no?

ShockTheMonkey: your a butt ugly plumber

SugaGal: go to hell

ShockTheMonkey: sure

SugaGal: u talk so much shit

ShockTheMonkey: so much what???

SugaGal: SHIT

ShockTheMonkey: thats whats on your hands from cleaning my toilet you monkey

SugaGal: shut up

ShockTheMonkey: sure thing.


Squackle Guestbook #20577

Sunday 10/06/2002 3:00:02pm
Name: shock the monkey
I like to poke badgers with spoons
addapt to new habitats
flick stuff
I like Squackle!: Yes
Comments: cute site, your like the american us, but biggger. well that figures coz england is the size of dingos thingo. lil mands and aileens hands, bare fands and bormans grans. gugh.