#8584: r carter -> MadManWithAnAxe

r carter: BYE

MadManWithAnAxe: i once knew a man from nantucket!

r carter: what part of bye don’t u get

r carter: it means your not going to talk to someone for a period of time

MadManWithAnAxe: the e

r carter: so bye

MadManWithAnAxe: see by

MadManWithAnAxe: and bye are different

MadManWithAnAxe: why?

MadManWithAnAxe: why an E

MadManWithAnAxe: why not an A

MadManWithAnAxe: why can’t we say BYA!

MadManWithAnAxe: or BYO

MadManWithAnAxe: or even BYU

MadManWithAnAxe: i don’t get it

r carter: yeah u would think about that kinda thing woudn’t u

MadManWithAnAxe: U U U it’s all about U isn’t it

r carter: NO YOU

MadManWithAnAxe: ME?

r carter: YES

MadManWithAnAxe: or YOU

r carter: NO

MadManWithAnAxe: which you do you mean?

r carter: YOU

MadManWithAnAxe: YOU as in YOU or YOU as in ME

MadManWithAnAxe: ?

r carter: YOU AS N YOU

MadManWithAnAxe: YOU? or ME?

r carter: YOU

r carter: fine

r carter: bye

MadManWithAnAxe: ME?

r carter: yepperz

MadManWithAnAxe: then why didn’t you say so?

r carter: i didn

r carter: did

r carter: like htousand time s

MadManWithAnAxe: no…you said YOU…not ME

MadManWithAnAxe: I’m ME …you’re YOU

r carter: kljefjadfl k;ajsdflkja sdfljl;kdjsf sdafoiweruoia7us rifajsdfklas
fjlasflkjalskdfja8 aoer8792e4857923485wrkjc lfja ljnlksmfl/asdjpdjfskld fkasdjf;

MadManWithAnAxe: not the other way around dumbass

r carter: i am not the dumbass YOU ARE

MadManWithAnAxe: YOU?

r carter: NO

MadManWithAnAxe: then why did you say YOU?

r carter:

r carter: im not in the mood to think

r carter: see yyyyaaaaaaa

MadManWithAnAxe: YA? ya as in ME or YOU?

r carter: you

MadManWithAnAxe: YOU?

MadManWithAnAxe: or me?

MadManWithAnAxe: Explain things better

r carter: quit asking stupid questions and get the heck away from em

r carter: me

MadManWithAnAxe: ME? or YOU?

MadManWithAnAxe: back away from myself?

MadManWithAnAxe: you’re not making any sense

r carter: YES I AM

MadManWithAnAxe: I as in YOU?

MadManWithAnAxe: I am ME

MadManWithAnAxe: YOU are YOU

MadManWithAnAxe: get it?