#5967: MercuryLight -> MyLeftTesticle

I forget what the first part of the message was since it was in another IM window that I closed. But, the rest makes sense, even without the first part.


MercuryLight: shutup then

MyLeftTesticle: Don’t tell me to shut up

MercuryLight: ok

MyLeftTesticle: I got freedom of speech, boy.

MercuryLight: calm down

MyLeftTesticle: You calm down.

MercuryLight: ummmm. . .ok

MercuryLight: lol

MyLeftTesticle: …

MyLeftTesticle: That’s not funny, you dolt.

MercuryLight: ok

MercuryLight: cool word

MercuryLight: dolt

MercuryLight: lol

MercuryLight: are u a wiccan?

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah, it should be your name since it’s so cool, and you’re so cool, too. I’m gonna start callin’ you that from now on.

MyLeftTesticle: I am not a wiccan.

MercuryLight: ok

MercuryLight: i’m cool?

MercuryLight: No, you think you’re cool.

MercuryLight: no i dont

MyLeftTesticle: Good, ’cause no one thinks you are cool, either.

MercuryLight: shutup

MyLeftTesticle: What did I say?

MyLeftTesticle: Don’t tell me to shut up.

MercuryLight: do u no how 2 knock poeple off AIM?

MyLeftTesticle: Do you know how to spell?

MercuryLight: yes

MyLeftTesticle: Then, please for everyone’s sake, spell correctly.

MercuryLight: ok

MyLeftTesticle: Thank you.