#22500: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: do you happen to have the latest Sponge album?

manceman: wtf is Sponge ?

davepoobond: sponge is a band

davepoobond: with one good song

davepoobond: they’re grunge

manceman: o gotcha

davepoobond: they’re amazingggg

manceman: ill bet

davepoobond: not really

davepoobond: they do have a good song though

manceman: do you think the test tomorrow is going to be hard?

davepoobond: maybe maybe not

manceman: thats not very helpful

davepoobond: would it have been if i told you either way

davepoobond: what would you do differently had i told you what i really thought

davepoobond: had i cared in the first place

manceman: i do not know

davepoobond: you’ll just get your 90% as always

davepoobond: and i’ll get my 50 or 79%

manceman: haha

manceman: i got a b on the last one

manceman: whats PhycoPuppie going to get?

davepoobond: 490

manceman: haha


#22494: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: i ate 2 footlongs from subway today

manceman: shit man’

davepoobond: 😉

manceman: haha

davepoobond: i really did though

davepoobond: i was really hungry

manceman: haha

manceman: i guessed

davepoobond: i dont usually eat 2 footlongs

davepoobond: only thing i had today was pop tarts and 2 footies

manceman: haha

manceman: nice


#11023: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: did you go trick or treating

manceman: nope

manceman: did you?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: i didn’t say trick or treat once though

davepoobond: heh

manceman: damn your evil

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: that’s why it was raining yesterday

davepoobond: God was frowning upon me

manceman: hahahaha

davepoobond: most every house we went to, everyone hated us

davepoobond: except the ones that didn’t really care, because there wasn’t that many trick or treaters coming

manceman: haha

manceman: thats cause your almost an adult

davepoobond: yeah i know

davepoobond: i look like i’m 21 though

manceman: ya you do


#10991: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: faaaackk

manceman: what?

davepoobond: tim probably won’t be at school tomorrow

davepoobond: and we have next wednesday off

davepoobond: teacher sell back day

davepoobond: last time they had a buy back day

davepoobond: next wednesday its sell back day

davepoobond: har har har

manceman: haha

manceman: so whats the problem?

davepoobond: aahhh

davepoobond: did i tell you tim’s not gonna be at school tomorrow probably

manceman: so?

davepoobond: aaahhhhhhhh

manceman: i dont get it?

davepoobond: you’re damn right

davepoobond: you dont get a lotta things

davepoobond: like ass, is probably the #1 thing

manceman: ya from guys fag

davepoobond: =-O


#10948: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: YESS i now have that annoying song from Pay It Forward they used a million times

manceman: haha

manceman: i never saw it

davepoobond: you should just to listen to this song

davepoobond: this massively annoying song

davepoobond: its all instrumental

manceman: haha then y did you get it?

davepoobond: cause…

davepoobond: shut up

manceman: haha


#10934: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: remember that candy, String Thing

davepoobond: ?

manceman: what candy string thing?

davepoobond: yeah it was a candy

manceman: not really

manceman: what s it fronm?

davepoobond: like the 90s

davepoobond: it was in a box

davepoobond: there’s like a carton

davepoobond: and inside a package

davepoobond: and on the carton there was these designs

davepoobond: that were made with the candy

manceman: nope

manceman: i dont remember that

manceman: y?

davepoobond: just wondering. it just popped into my head after 6 years

manceman: haha