Squackle Guestbook #20505

Kevin Pot Smokin Cur 20/Oct/2001:02:51:37
Who is that man in the Hitler suit?? the nazi’s are having a party
Hitler invited you!!! All the famous people will be there and ask you
to join a concentration camp{for concentrating}of course. Guests
include Joeseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler,Mussulini, and George Bush!! see
you all at the party {white House}Halloween have fun!!

Squackle Guestbook #20504

Kevin Smokin Cur 18/Oct/2001:23:22:54
why do i like to get high i dont know, the chicken bites the leg of the
crow, the crops come to life in the snow, why is that so i dont know i
dont know?? Why does the school keep you there, there a fraud, how do
they keep you there its the law, i could escape if i had a saw, oh it
is wrong so it is wrong! We cant be free if the n*ggers are here,
exploding black faces oh dear oh dear, blasting the faces in places so
cheer and sleep while your sleeping or you’ll fear the mirror. when you
look in it the death forms around you, spirits of guests form all
surround you, trapped in a room with no lights to turn on, if you do
then the spirits will burn and be gone. If they return you wont see
them for long, ill pack them up and smoke my bong. Now that you’ve read
another song iv’e lead you to beleive that i’m wrong, but only if you
think that you are and im the one that will run very far, eternal
detentions and bombs in your car, did i forget to mention that i am a
star, and my name is ke

Squackle Guestbook #20503

Kevin Pot Smokin Cur 18/Oct/2001:22:00:04
My phone is off the wall and the cats are on fire again. the trash
should be takin out or was it in? Either way it is, it is a strange
thing. When the phone is disconnected and the mother fucker rings. who
let the dogs out. The farmers on the hill. The black bandits commin,
and the nazi want to kill. The chinese cook burnt the fish, and randy
dropped the soap. And i found a genei with a wish, will i get it? I
hope? If the pepsi is getting warm get it cold before it does, cause
when its cold its the cure for cottonmouth and gets rid of all the
fuzz. If your not high get high, and if your high get hire, you of all
should no that to get high you need a lighter. To get high is to fly
into a wall and go through, and to die is to fly into a wall and go
boom. If you understand all this your fucked up, or your nutz, I am i
just smoked some good budz. If the light is underwater, and your
daughters in a thong, Keep your fuckin bags steady cause we’re ready
for this bong, if you like this son

Squackle Guestbook #20502

Kevin Pot Smokin Cur no 18/Oct/2001:21:47:21
Danny can you read me. spock is commin out from under the rock. he
walks up slowly and says{HELLO}danny screams and runs why did he run. I
asked the guy later where danny went he went to sleep. where at in the
house?? he told me now you will return to the ambro flacket and that is
where it got weirder than hell. EMAIL ME TO FIND OUT MORE.