#5938: blowthetoad -> JerseyDevils

blowthetoad: i am a muffin. stupid!

JerseyDevils: yes you are

blowthetoad: hey, stop talking to me

JerseyDevils: no, i wont

blowthetoad: you wanna fight?

JerseyDevils: sure asshole

JerseyDevils: lets go

blowthetoad: bring it, poop head

JerseyDevils: this is probably Liquid Titan huh

blowthetoad: um, i don’t think so

JerseyDevils: then who the hell are you?

blowthetoad: you wanna fight? bring it!

JerseyDevils: where should i bring it?

blowthetoad: inside of yo mama’s toilit

blowthetoad: so lets go, ya blo’ hoe!

JerseyDevils: my momma is sleeping and i cant go in her bathroom

blowthetoad: i would waste you like the aluminum can i trashed!!

JerseyDevils: good thing im not made out of aluminum

blowthetoad: haha, you flushed a toilit

JerseyDevils: no i didnt. I was here the whole time

blowthetoad: i know, you scratched your head, same thing as flushing a toilit!

JerseyDevils: no, actually i just typed a few sentences.You have bad internet sense

blowthetoad: why don’t you go ride a unicycle over yourself while saying BLOW THE TOAD???

JerseyDevils: why dont you make some hot tea and take a nap?

JerseyDevils: silly boy

blowthetoad: you are a corned poop head

JerseyDevils: no, i ate corn but im not a corn poop head

blowthetoad: yup yup

blowthetoad: go run around a light pole and say NesQuik 80 times!

blowthetoad: why do you all the sudden have 3% warning?

blowthetoad: that isnt cool

JerseyDevils: gee, i wonder?

blowthetoad: maybe you should go to the planet larter to get smarter, u stupid person who can’t sppell!