#5880: Squall -> jace man

Squall: is nicole hot?

jace man: whos this?

Squall: You ask too many questions

jace man: i asked 1

jace man: so that means u ask to many also

Squall: Ah ha a smart one eh

Squall: Im nicoles nig

jace man: nig?

Squall: Where

jace man: huh?

jace man: u lost me on that one

Squall: So back to the main point is nicole hot

jace man: wtf is a nig

Squall: Where

jace man: u said u were!

Squall: Ima nig?

jace man: u said it not me

jace man: nvm i kno what it is

Squall: So just in some wierd coinicedince i was a nig would you tell

jace man: ur white arnt u

Squall: Yea

Squall: darn your not fun anymore

jace man: lol

jace man: stupid sean

jace man: hehe

Squall: Damnit

jace man: what?

Squall: You gotta tell nicole to stop that stuff shes ruining the fun

jace man: dude my friends a hacker

Squall: Good for your friend

jace man: yeah

jace man: i kno all about u

Squall: Yea…. right

jace man: new jersey

Squall: Your lucky nicole is tellin you stuff

jace man: what ever u say

jace man: y do u want my opinion

Squall: Dude she already told me she told you

Squall: I dunno cause she asked me to ask you

jace man: oh

Squall: So do you find her sexualy attractive?

jace man: haha

jace man: yeah y

Squall: Just checkin if you were gay

jace man: i should beat the fuck outta u

Squall: Yea but you cant so

jace man: how do u kno

jace man: i got connections

Squall: CAuse you dont know where i live and id beat your ass first

jace man: hahah!!!!

jace man: no

Squall: Wait wait wait yes

jace man: i seriosuly dont think so

Squall: and im not gonna argue about who will beat who cause well never no

jace man: u got a pic?

Squall: Nah yo

jace man: yeah thats y nicole says u do

Squall: nicole saw my pic, doesnt mean i have one

jace man: right

Squall: So you bang her yet

jace man: no

Squall: Why not?

jace man: lets c

jace man: she lives in maine

jace man: i live in ct

Squall: Ohhh that sux i guess

Squall: How do you know her

jace man: i meet her at a hotel and barley even talked to her and only saw her once

Squall: a little one night stand?

jace man: no

Squall: She wouldnt let you hit that

Squall: ?

jace man: never asked

jace man: i was babysittin my lil couz’s

Squall: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

jace man: huh?

Squall: Whatd i say?

jace man: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

Squall: i meant yo instead of you

jace man: they were 3 and 6

Squall: Get em started early

jace man: sorta hard when they dont got anything to start

jace man: with

Squall: Bring them with you to watch like a field day

Squall: Big pimpin with jace man

jace man: when im 21 and have a car

jace man: then theyll be old enough to start

Squall: Ohh

jace man: yeah

Squall: Im mad that she didnt let you tap that ass she let me

jace man: u wish

Squall: Ask her

jace man: ok

Squall: Told ya

jace man: she said no

Squall: WTF i couldnt have been that bad

jace man: or u lied

Squall: Dude ask her again she musta been palyin

jace man: ok… brb

jace man: she said no again

Squall: Whatever flux her then

Squall: well i gots ta go

jace man: ok

jace man: peace

Squall: Peace