Dragonarmy Tavern

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Sanjouin: ::takes a clean swatch of linen and begins carefully cleaning the wound:: This might sting a bit.

davepoobond: ::walks in::

Alix Doroute: No..no i don’t believe so.

davepoobond: hmm…you guys dont look that boring

davepoobond: <vs> ‘course i could always be wrong

Asakura: Not a problem…I can take it.. ::he smirked, running a hand through his hair, bracing

Sanjouin: ::cleans the blood away from Vince’s shoulder with the alcohol::

Asakura: himself against the pain::

Sanjouin: ::cuts Vince a bemused look with his pale eyes and continues working::

davepoobond: ::walks over to the bar::

davepoobond: wheres the toilets here?

davepoobond: i demand to see a toilet

davepoobond: ::pounds his fist onto the bar::

Sanjouin: There’s a comfort stall out back, I believe, sir. ::continues tending to Vince::

davepoobond: comfort stall?

davepoobond: i dont need to buy a matress

Sanjouin: An outhouse.

davepoobond: yeah, i’d hope your house is out…

Sanjouin: ::bends over Vince’s shoulder, muttering::

Sanjouin: It must be Freyasday. That’s when all the loons come in to roost.

davepoobond: i’m not a hen

davepoobond: nor do i roost

Asakura: You look like a hen. A biddy.

davepoobond: how do you think i look like a hen? ::he moves a lock of hair away from his eye::

Sanjouin: ::begins winding fresh linen around Vince’s shoulder::

Sanjouin: Obviously some other village has temporarily lost its idiot.

davepoobond: right…

davepoobond: thats what happened

davepoobond: ::looks around:: so…where’s the idiot?

Sanjouin: ::has no mirror handy::

davepoobond: ::grabs a chair:: is this the loon?

Sanjouin: Excuse me, sir, I must tend to my companion. He’s injured.

Sanjouin: ::turns his back on DaBond::

davepoobond: aww poor baby…

davepoobond: ::jumps up onto the bar and sits on it::

Sanjouin: Fortunately the wound isn’t serious. Otherwise you’d have bled to death by now.

davepoobond: you’d think the mental hospital wasnt boring….but nuuu

davepoobond: just a bunch of boring people

davepoobond: so i go to a tavern, and theres a bunch of people that are discrimative against chairs…

Sanjouin: ::removes his cloak and puts it around Vince’s bare shoulders::

Asakura: I guess that’s good.. ::he smiled faintly at Sanjouin:: Yeah, bleeding to death would have

Asakura: been bad, but I’ve had worse go untreated and they didn’t kill me.

Sanjouin: ::smiles gently at Vince:: Well, do your best to avoid anything worse.

Sanjouin: If you died, it would ruin my entire day. ::strokes one bare hand down the back of Vince’s hair::

Alix Doroute: ((back))

davepoobond: ((yay. lets have a party. i’ll bring the drinkable yogurt))

Alix Doroute: ::he comes out of his reverie, looking around, his gaze turning to vincent:: No, no more stories from me.

Asakura: It’d ruin mine, too, I’d think..

davepoobond: i’ve got a story

davepoobond: its about the toilet and the man

davepoobond: the man was looking for a toilet

davepoobond: so he came to a place called dragonarmy tavern

davepoobond: it looks just like this

davepoobond: only different

davepoobond: because there were 3 people in it

Asakura: Thanks for the.. ::he gestured to his shoulder with his free hand, nodding::

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davepoobond: that were being weirdos and wouldnt give a straight answer to where the durn toilet was!

Sanjouin: ::nods to Vince:: No thanks necessary.

Alix Doroute: ::he gets up from his stool, looking around:: Well..i’ll be going…i’m sure you can handle the tavern, talon commander.

Sanjouin: ::would volunteer a comment or two on Vince’s ability to handle things, but decides to keep his peace::

Asakura: Goodnight, Shaw…keep working on those chicken golems…we might need them..

Sanjouin: ::blink::

Sanjouin: Chicken…golems.

Alix Doroute: Are you serious?

Asakura: Nobody would ever suspect the chicken golem.

Alix Doroute: ::he just nodded and made his way to the door:: Right vince..

Alix Doroute: ::he quickly leaves::

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Sanjouin: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition either, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

davepoobond: i have a story about the spanish inquisition

davepoobond: one day this spanish guy said “i’m bored, i think ill go to a tavern called dragonarmy

davepoobond: tavern and find a toilet”

davepoobond: so he went to the dragonarmy tavern, and they wouldnt tell him where it was

davepoobond: so he got mad

davepoobond: thats all

Asakura: I wish this place still had booths..

Asakura: Talon Commander Auran had the tavern remodelled and decided not to include them..

davepoobond: talon commander auran is a spooty head then

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Sanjouin: ::sits beside Vince::

Asakura: ::he smiled and put an arm around Sanjouin, resting his head on his shoulder::

davepoobond: ::jumps up and hugs sanjouin and the other guy really tightly::

Hungry Wolf: [::Drools.:: Coooooll.. A male and male relationship.]

davepoobond: i hate you guys so much, but i’m so ecstatic with joy that i’ll tell you another story!

davepoobond: its about this guy, that wanted to get drunk and barf in a toilet

davepoobond: so he found a place called “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: and there were 3 spooty faces in there

Sanjouin: ::puts his arm carefully around Vince’s shoulders, mindful of his injury, and holds him close::

davepoobond: there names will remain…

davepoobond: anonymous

DigitalDuo05: ::she steps into the tavern her eyebrows raising at the hugging group:: uh….

davepoobond: so he went to the place and they didnt tell him where the durn toilet was

davepoobond: so he got mad

davepoobond: thats the end of the story

Hungry Wolf: [::Smacks Dave!::]

Hungry Wolf: [Gah, Dude!]

Hungry Wolf: [Bah.]

Asakura: I’m glad you’re here…I think I’m getting a headache, though..

DigitalDuo05: ::walks out very quickly muttering one word:: scary

Sanjouin: ((He’s been doing this ever since he came in. We’re ignoring him.))

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Asakura: I was drinking earlier..

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Sanjouin: No wonder, with all–hmm.

davepoobond: that reminds me of another story

davepoobond: about “drinking earlier”

davepoobond: this guy

davepoobond: felt like drinking

davepoobond: so he went to a place called the “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: he asked for beer, but they send “we dont serve hens”

davepoobond: “why dont you go roost somewhere else”

davepoobond: so the guy said this is a good idea.

davepoobond: so he asked where the toilet was

davepoobond: but

davepoobond: they WOULDNT TELL HIM WHERE IT WAS!

Hungry Wolf: [Oh Jesus, Dave.]

Hungry Wolf: [Lmfao. Now you’re even annoying me.]

davepoobond: so he got mad

Sanjouin: ((I told you, he’s been doing this the whole time. In that big obnoxious Hefty-bag colored type, too.))

davepoobond: he wanted to “roost” on the toilet

davepoobond: ((big obnoxious hefty-bag colored type?))

Hungry Wolf: [::Can’t help but crack up at the usage of the word, ‘Hefty Bag.’::]

davepoobond: ((its Garamond! its one of the smallest fonts ever))

Asakura: I don’t know that it’s good for me to drink so much…I start acting weird..

davepoobond: i’ll tell you a story about a guy that got drunk

davepoobond: this guy that got drunk

davepoobond: got drunk

Sanjouin: You seem fine to me. Then again, the only available basis for comparison is less than ideal

davepoobond: and then he came to a place called the “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: he wanted to barf, y’see

davepoobond: he was loaded

davepoobond: loaded with at least 13 kilos of any alcohol in the world

davepoobond: you name it, he had it running through his veins

davepoobond: he was like pure alcohol

davepoobond: 89% alcohol is what i remember

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davepoobond: he asked where the toilet was in the tavern

Dark Logan EO: ure interested in a dark angel rp im me dark logan eo for the application

OnlineHost: Dark Logan EO has left the room.

davepoobond: but they didnt tell him!

davepoobond: so he barfed on the 3 spooty heads that were in there

davepoobond: he got mad

davepoobond: thats the end

Sanjouin: ((DaBond-mun, please stop now. You’re being disruptive.))

davepoobond: ((how? no one is talking))

Sanjouin: ((Please, just stop it.))

davepoobond: ((why? i find this quite funny.))

davepoobond: ((i’d like to tell you more stories))

Hungry Wolf: [Dave. We really should go..]

Sanjouin: ((No one else does. It’s quite annoying.))

Hungry Wolf: [Leave these guys alone.. There are plenty more people to annoy besides them.]

Hungry Wolf: [Heh.]

davepoobond: ((ahh…maybe…these guys ARE boring))

Sanjouin: ((Yeah, besides, we’re the cool yaoi guys, remember?))

Sanjouin: ((::appeals to Wolf::))

davepoobond: ((yaoi?))

davepoobond: ((is that Austrailian for bigfoot or something?))

Hungry Wolf: [..That means homosexual, Dave.]

davepoobond: ((ewwwww))

Hungry Wolf: [–.. It really ain’t that gross, man.]

davepoobond: ((ok))

davepoobond: ((i guess you should know from…personal experience, right?))

Hungry Wolf: [..Blah!]

davepoobond: ((lol))

Hungry Wolf: [Don’t assume anything, Dave. >\]

davepoobond: ((ok, i’m gonna go))

davepoobond: ((are you happy))

Hungry Wolf: [Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell yooouuu.]

davepoobond: ((i bet you are))

Hungry Wolf: [..I’m sure they are.. ]

Hungry Wolf: [Come on, you choose a room.]

davepoobond: well, nice talking to you guys..

davepoobond: i’d tell you more stories, but i’m afraid i cant remember any

davepoobond: bye

davepoobond: ::talking to a chair::

davepoobond: ::walks out::


Crystal Dragon Inn

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Crystal Dragon Inn”.


Tarkane: my past my angel.

davepoobond: ::walks in::

davepoobond: helloo?

Vesuvia: ::::closes her eyes briefly::::

davepoobond: ::riverdances over to a table::

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davepoobond: quack quack

Vesuvia: ::::looks at him:::: you must let the past stay there…………..

davepoobond: ::smacks vesuvia’s head, then dances over to Tarkane and smacks his head::

Vesuvia: ::::looks at the fool, and shakes her head::::

Tarkane: I try my pet… but it is hard sometimes..

davepoobond: hmm, that reminds me of a story

davepoobond: its called “my pet”

davepoobond: well, there was this guy you see

davepoobond: he came to a place called the “crystal dragon inn”

Hungry Wolf: [LMAO. DAVE!]

davepoobond: it looks almost like this

Hungry Wolf: [Come on, Man!]

davepoobond: but it was DIFFERENT


davepoobond: there were 2 people in here

davepoobond: they were sitting down and shaking their heads at the guy

Vesuvia: why? because you worry that I will give you a reason to do to me what you did to her?

davepoobond: he came there to dance…and get jiggy wit it

davepoobond: and all that good stuff

davepoobond: like get drunk

davepoobond: and barf in a toilet

Tarkane: yes…

davepoobond: so he came over

Vesuvia: ::::looks to davepoobond:::: dance, drink, whatever you wish, just do not touch me again

davepoobond: and he saw that both people were choking on a piece of meet!

davepoobond: so he went over and gave them his traditional heimlech manuever

davepoobond: like so

Hungry Wolf: [LMAO.]

Hungry Wolf: [Dave.. Please!]

davepoobond: ::walks over and smacks Vesuvia in the head, then to Tarkane and smacked him in the head::

davepoobond: and then they got mad

Vesuvia: ::::raises a brow:::: you think you are funny, and your little friend too

davepoobond: …..what little friend?

Vesuvia: ::::to Tark:::

davepoobond: ::looks around::

davepoobond: well, anyway

davepoobond: he got mad, because they werent choking on a piece of meet

davepoobond: they were trying a new dance move

Vesuvia: shall we go, before I make this small stuff even smaller?

davepoobond: called the “universal choke sign”

davepoobond: so they died

davepoobond: they got mad


Hungry Wolf: [bgfb HJ!!!!! LOL.]

davepoobond: and the guy got boozed up on stuff and barfed in a toilet

Hungry Wolf: [Dave, you’re killing me. Stop.]

Tarkane: ok my pet…

davepoobond: well, there was nothing about “my pet” in there

davepoobond: i’ll tell you a REAL story about my pet

davepoobond: theres this guy, y’see

Vesuvia: ::::sighs, and stands to leave:::::

Tarkane: of course his objective is to see if he can get us to leave.

davepoobond: he wanted to get boozed up and barf in an outhouse

davepoobond: of course, he would hope that the house was out

davepoobond: so he wanted to go to a comfort stall

Vesuvia: ::::sits down again:::: well, can’t have that, can we?

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davepoobond: but he didnt want to buy a mattress!

davepoobond: so he went to a place called the “crystal dragon inn”

davepoobond: and asked where was the durn toilet?

davepoobond: he looked at the sink, and sat in it

Vesuvia: where were we? Oh yes……………

davepoobond: lots of echoing sounds came from it

davepoobond: when he was done, he stuffed it down the hole and turned on the flusher

davepoobond: of course the flusher, really wasnt a flusher

davepoobond: it was really

davepoobond: a garbage disposer

davepoobond: so it spurted all around

davepoobond: and it flew into the 2 people’s mouths

davepoobond: and they choked

davepoobond: so he went over and did the heimlech manuever on them

davepoobond: like so

davepoobond: ::dances over and smacks them both in the head::

davepoobond: and then they werent actually choking

OnlineHost: Tomoe Shotoru has left the room.

davepoobond: they were doing a dance called the “universal choke sign”

davepoobond: so they died

davepoobond: and he got mad

davepoobond: because he STILL didnt know where the toilet was

davepoobond: and he wanted to barf in it

davepoobond: cause he was already boozed up

davepoobond: cuz while he was sitting on the sink, he drank up all the booze

Vesuvia: your inability to believe that I would not treat you the way she did

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davepoobond: well, i have a story about treating boyfriends and girlfriends badly

davepoobond: there was this guy, y’see

Tarkane: they did my pet.. their has been more then one.

davepoobond: he came to a place called “the crystal dragon inn”

davepoobond: it looked a lot like this place

davepoobond: but it wasnt

davepoobond: dont be fooled

Tarkane: but I try and want to beleive you will not do it…

davepoobond: he was coming home from the spanish inquisition

davepoobond: he had worked very hard

Tarkane: and Ic an beleive but the memories are still there…

davepoobond: so he wanted to take a nice rest on a good toilet

davepoobond: so, he brought his pet

davepoobond: the purple wolf

davepoobond: with him

davepoobond: he also brought a steer

davepoobond: he needed manure, y’know

davepoobond: he likes to layer the toilet with manure

davepoobond: it gets him in the mood

davepoobond: and its soft and squishy and feels like dirt

Vesuvia: ::::shakes her head:::: If you truly belived in me, and the kind of woman I am, you would

Vesuvia: not be haunted so………..

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davepoobond: well, anyway

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davepoobond: so, the steer said, “hello”

davepoobond: and the purple wolf went “rowr”

Tarkane: ves… please understand it is not you… it is not that I doubt you…

davepoobond: and the guy said “moo””

Tarkane: I just was reminded is all…

davepoobond: but, where was the cat?

davepoobond: the cat

davepoobond: was

davepoobond: in

davepoobond: the

davepoobond: garbage disposer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vesuvia: your present is not meaningful enough for you to forget the past and live in today with me

davepoobond: the cat was stuck watching the Oxygen channel all day

Tarkane: It is like seeing me talking with a women.. and she gets flirtashious even if I did nothing.

davepoobond: so he had to kill himself

Vesuvia: ::::looks into his eyes unflinchingly

Tarkane: would remind you of what Sly did to you.

davepoobond: and he supposed that the garbage disposer was the fastest way to go

Tarkane: I never said that my pet…

davepoobond: so, he was about to flick on the switch, when a humongous man sat on top of him

Vesuvia: ::::shakes her head:::: No, it would not

davepoobond: and then dumped something in there. oh, it made so much noise

Tarkane: :;runs his hadn through her red hair:: I fear no matter what I say i will look bad to you now.

davepoobond: so then, it started to sound like the speed racer theme song!

Vesuvia: Oh, my dear, that is not true

davepoobond: go speed racer! go speed racer!

davepoobond: after about 20 minutes, the garbage disposer turned on, and he died

Vesuvia: You think badly of yourself, not me

Vesuvia: I love you for all that you are, and all that you are not