#5968: hotstuff -> MyLeftTesticle

hotstuff: jhey

hotstuff: asl

MyLeftTesticle: 18/m/Cali

hotstuff: f-ny

hotstuff: 13

MyLeftTesticle: Okay.

hotstuff: ya

hotstuff: so do u mo a kid named mike

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah.

hotstuff: whats his last name

MyLeftTesticle: I know lots of people named Mike.

hotstuff: do u no a kid named mike mcfee or somwthing like that

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah.

hotstuff: oh wait i think it is mike mcduffee

hotstuff: do u really

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah. I think he was in my high school last year.

hotstuff: ok then what does he look like

MyLeftTesticle: It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, though. We didn’t know each other all that well.

hotstuff: oh ok

hotstuff: well what is yur name when he gets on i will ask him if he no’s u

MyLeftTesticle: My name is Fred.

hotstuff: fred?

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah.

MyLeftTesticle: Or Frederick. Either one.

hotstuff: fred what

MyLeftTesticle: Fred Pine.

hotstuff: for real

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah. I used to get made fun of at school a lot because of my last name.

hotstuff: ok

hotstuff: ok

hotstuff: soi what do u wanna talk about fred

MyLeftTesticle: Do you like cheese?

hotstuff: no

hotstuff: do u ?

MyLeftTesticle: Why not? Cheese is very tasty. It comes in a variety of flavors and what not. Cheese is the best thing that ever happened to food.

hotstuff: ya umm i am sure

MyLeftTesticle: You don’t know what you’re missing, then.

hotstuff: ya i do it aint like i have never eaten cheese before

MyLeftTesticle: No, I mean eat it as a hobby.

hotstuff: eat what as a hobbie

hotstuff: lol i am j/k

MyLeftTesticle: Heh.

hotstuff: what

MyLeftTesticle: That was funny.

hotstuff: ya but did u even get it

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah, I got it.

MyLeftTesticle: Did you?

hotstuff: ya i did

MyLeftTesticle: Okay.

hotstuff: so what are u doing

MyLeftTesticle: I’m watching Oprah.

hotstuff: kool

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah, I wish I could be on the Oprah show.

hotstuff: for what u dont have anything specail about u do u

MyLeftTesticle: I could tell people about my tragic story that happened two and a half years ago.

hotstuff: what was that

MyLeftTesticle: It was a fishing accident. We were all on this fishing boat when suddenly, from out of no where, a giant squid capsized the ship and killed my father. The whole crew died and I was the only survivor. But then I was stranded on a deserted island for a few weeks and I had to live out there. It was pretty traumatizing.

hotstuff: dude the same thing happened to me

MyLeftTesticle: Don’t mock me. I still have nightmares about all that.

hotstuff: i am serios my ship was called the s.s.u wish

MyLeftTesticle: …Look, if you’re going to mock me then I don’t think we should continue this conversation.

hotstuff: ok ok i was just having a lil fun jesus dont be so up tight

MyLeftTesticle: Like I said, it was very traumatizing. I can’t help but get all uptight about it.

hotstuff: ya but hwo do u expect me to believe that a giant squid killed everybody

hotstuff: except for u

MyLeftTesticle: No, the giant squid didn’t kill them–at least, I don’t think so. They probably died out at sea. Their bodies were never found again.

hotstuff: oh

hotstuff: umm well what sea was this

MyLeftTesticle: I’m sorry, what was that last part?


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–At about this time I was frantically trying to think up of a sea. I asked Dave but he said “Pacific.” -.-;; That’s not a sea. She obviously knew that I was bullshittin’ her, but I don’t care. Stupid bitches shouldn’t IM me!