#10452: davepoobond -> FireRaze

davepoobond: dude bigfoot was fake after all

FireRaze: and I just found out that the Loch Ness monster is not really swimming around at Loch ness…

davepoobond: but i’m telling the truth

FireRaze: Oh…really, I was just messing with ya

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: bigfoot was this 84 year old guy that just died

FireRaze: are you really being serious?

davepoobond: yeah

FireRaze: cool

FireRaze: where did you find that out?

davepoobond: on the news

davepoobond: yesterday

FireRaze: you mean….on TV?

davepoobond: yeah


#6384: davepoobond -> FireRaze

davepoobond: “well your dumb. and stupid too!”

FireRaze: And I hate your guts, so we are even!

davepoobond: – me just 1 minute ago

davepoobond: i said that to my sister

FireRaze: – Me forever!

FireRaze: Heh

davepoobond: k=========

davepoobond: guess what that is

davepoobond: a hammer

davepoobond: hahahaha

FireRaze: hahahahahaahahahaahah

davepoobond: i got my report card

FireRaze: cool

davepoobond: and i passed all my classes yay

davepoobond: did you get yours yet?

FireRaze: yeah

FireRaze: a long time ago

FireRaze: I got almost all As

davepoobond: yeah i think i got it later than everyone else

davepoobond: want a million dollars?

FireRaze: heh

FireRaze: sure

davepoobond: for free?

FireRaze: sure

davepoobond: how to get a million dollars for free

FireRaze: Hey! I didnt get a million dollars!!!

davepoobond: pretty cooooooool huh

davepoobond: LOL

davepoobond: thats how i lure people into squackle

davepoobond: i post that link around places, and people say “a million dollars! wow!”

davepoobond: and then they go through all that, and they dont get a million dollars! Ahahahaha


#6379: davepoobond -> FireRaze

davepoobond: i sweer man, midis are cool

davepoobond: they are the superior form of music

FireRaze: You say it one more time!!!!

FireRaze: And Ill….

FireRaze: Im going to kill you anyway

FireRaze: ::starts hitting him with soft, girly punches::

davepoobond: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

FireRaze: die


FireRaze: SAY IT!!!


FireRaze: You are making me very angry

FireRaze: ::turns a stereo all the way up with real music::

FireRaze: HAHA!!

FireRaze: Listen!!

davepoobond: NO NEVER

FireRaze: You will listen!

davepoobond: ::plays californication by the red hot chili peppers in MIDI::

davepoobond: this is so much cooler than the regular version

davepoobond: i love the whistle instead of the voice

FireRaze: no No NO!!!

FireRaze: Please!!

FireRaze: AHHHH IM Melting!!

FireRaze: Melting!!

davepoobond: it takes real musical ability to make MIDIs, you know

FireRaze: Its all done on a keyboard


FireRaze: ::Starts playing Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Child”::

davepoobond: hmmm hmmmmmm

davepoobond: hmmmmmmm hmmMmmMm

FireRaze: :: and Limp Bizkit “Rollin” at the same time::

davepoobond: that’s kinda a bad song

davepoobond: why would you listen to that anyway

davepoobond: they made 2 versions of that song

davepoobond: did you know that

FireRaze: I really dont

FireRaze: I know

FireRaze: It just popped into my head

davepoobond: rollercoaster of love

davepoobond: 2:26 of pure goodness

FireRaze: I have to go

davepoobond: ok bye

FireRaze: I cant take this MIDI crap no more

davepoobond: haha bye

FireRaze: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :Runs away screaming::

FireRaze: Bye


#6123: davepoobond -> FireRaze

davepoobond: !!

FireRaze: what?

davepoobond: nothing

davepoobond: i’m putting my socks on

davepoobond: whee

FireRaze: ??

davepoobond: ??

FireRaze: ????

davepoobond: ????

FireRaze: ?????????????

davepoobond: ??????????????????????????????????????????

FireRaze: ?????????????????????????????


davepoobond: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????






FireRaze: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????





#5926: Holmes -> FireRaze

Holmes: it’s time for the talk…the birds and the theorys…

FireRaze: ((brb))

Holmes: ((k))

Holmes: we could go into the birds and the bee’s but for right now we’ll just do the birds and the

Holmes: theorys…

FireRaze: ((back))

Holmes: a “bird” is a crazy person and a theory is an idea…see when a “bird” loves a theory, they

FireRaze: Bees?

Holmes: ((wb))

FireRaze: Ah just get on wit it

FireRaze: ((::lagging really really bad::))

Holmes: have to prove there love…

Holmes: ((ugh i hate lag))

Holmes: so the bird proposes to the theory and they get married and have lotsa crazy theories

Holmes: together and they live happily and crazily ever after

FireRaze: ahhhhhhh

FireRaze: ::is very confused but doesnt show it::

Holmes: don’t worry, you’ll grow up to be just like me…

FireRaze: ::drops over,fainting::

Holmes: …dangit that ALWAYS happens…

Holmes: ::grabs a bucket of worms and tosses it onto him::

Holmes: ::looks back at the bucket of water he was suppose to throw on him and realizes he made a

Holmes: mistake::

FireRaze: Gah!::holds his hands out and blasts the worms::

Holmes: gee how did…those get there,…

Holmes: heh…heh…

SuperMike: ((what do u do here>is it a supermarket?)

Holmes: ::looks around nervously::

Holmes: ((yes))

Fire: I wont be like you,your not Saiyajin

Holmes: true…

Fire: :swings his tail around::

Holmes: did i ever tell you about the little engine that could story?

Fire: ::shakes his head no::

Holmes: there once was a little engine that could and he was chugging through the forest and even

Holmes: chugging in the bar…

Holmes: well anyways he once needed to climb up a hill

Holmes: but he was on the paxil pill that prevents you from having social anxiety disorder

Holmes: and that made him dizzy considering he was drinking alcohol and taking medicine and drugs are BAD

Holmes: and he was all weary about life and the engineer was like: “You Mother Fuckin engine, move

Holmes: your lazy ass over that hill or i’m going to Pawn you at the pawn shop!” and the engine was

Holmes: like: “Whatever dumbass” and so he tried to pull himself up that hill

Holmes: but he just couldn’t do it…

Holmes: he kept saying I think I can I think I can but STILL no, until the constructor told him that

Holmes: there was alcohol on the top of the hill, thats when the engine ZOOMED up the hill…

Holmes: so remeber, when your down in the dumps, just think of alcohol…oh yeah and don’t do drugs

Holmes: the end

Holmes: did you learn your lesson little boy?

FireRaze: ::had got his gameboy out in the meantime and started playing pokemon::

FireRaze: huh?what were you saying?

Holmes: what is this Pokemon? sounds like a Gay jamacan porno movie…

Holmes: never mind…

FireRaze: jamacan?

Holmes: you know, those guys who talk all funny and say Mon a lot

Holmes: like Yo Mon or chill out mon

Holmes: or even Poke a mon…

FireRaze: oh……..uh…..Ive only been to chikyuu-sei a couple times

Holmes: when i was your age i had to walk 15 miles to china and then walk back

Holmes: while these days you just get to go places

FireRaze: Yeah,I can just shunken-eido

Holmes: don’t talk to me in that lingo boy, i don’t want you talkin about my momma

FireRaze: I can talk about your momma all I want to

Holmes: well you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to spank you with cheese

FireRaze: Ill lay the smackdown on you!

Holmes: you young whipper snapper you wouldn’t touch an elderly citizen

FireRaze: Wanna bet,and Ill do it in my Oozaru form so I cant control mysef

Holmes: your lucky i don’t have my fighting teeth and legs on, or i would get elderly on your ass

FireRaze: ((how old is he?))

Holmes: ((18 he’s just being idiotic))

Holmes: so sonny did i ever tell you about how i had to walk 15 miles to my bathroom

FireRaze: No!!!!

FireRaze: erck….no

Holmes: well see this one time…

Holmes: i really had to go and dad was like piss in your pants cause we don’t have enough water to

Holmes: flush the toilet

Holmes: infact the toilet was our bathtub, computer and our lunch table

Holmes: the end

Holmes: did you learn a lesson from that story, sonny?

FireRaze: Never eat,pee,and type in your toilet

Holmes: hey just because you got all this high tech mumbo jumbo doesn’t mean you can’t use the old

Holmes: way of doing things

Holmes: my toilet is my computer, wanna se?

FireRaze: ((Ok,I might get kicked off,and I wont be coming back,so hope my printer works))

FireRaze: No,not really

FireRaze: ((wish me luck!))

Holmes: ((luck))

FireRaze: ((good luck!))

Holmes: ((good luck!))



Online Host: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhydinCheapNSave”. ***

Jez M: ::walks in bored, had no other place to go::

Jez M: Hiya

Holmes: ::looks at jez:: WELCOME ::tosses him a store listing::

Jez M: *her

Holmes: ((sorry))

KaIika: ::sliiiiiiides in with a raised brow::

Holmes: ::tosses kalika a listing::

Jez M: ::looks over the list laughing::

Jez M: ::looks up:: hey Kali

KaIika: ::raises a brow getting tossed a listing::

KaIika: Hey

KaIika: ……..Jez?

KaIika: You need money hon?

Jez M: no I just came in here cuz I was bored

Jez M: If I needed money I would ask you for it

Holmes: ::mutters:: i need money…

KaIika: All right..

Jez M: ::crumples up a twenty dollar bill::

KaIika: ::she looks over the list::

Jez M: ::throws it at Holmes::

Jez M: now ya got money

Holmes: ::scrambles and grabs it quickly::

KaIika: O.o

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: ::shrugs::

Jez M: what

KaIika: [I was talking to Jez’s mun on the phone a sec ago]

KaIika: [errr the old one]

Jez M: ((yeah and?))

Holmes: ::walks to the register and presses the buttom: nothing happens::

KaIika: [yep..she says you can have Jez totally she doesn’t care she made up a new charrie]

Jez M: ((cool))

Holmes: ::hits the register, nothing still happens:: damn thing hasn’t been used in so long it

Holmes: rusted up

KaIika: ::she pulls out a fifty wondering if she could buy the whole flippin store::

Jez M: ((guess who came back… never mind you dont know him))

Holmes: ::looks at the fifty:: OMG i haven’t seen one of those in YEARS

Jez M: ::blink blink::

Holmes: they still EXIST?

Jez M: yeah

KaIika: ::raises a brow::

KaIika: [who?]

Jez M: uh…. just how long have you been in this store?

Holmes: anyone want to see my house ::points to the cardboard box in the corner:: I’m getting a rat

Holmes: as a pet next month ::smiles proudly::

KaIika: ::blink blink::

Jez M: ::stares blankly::

KaIika: ummm

KaIika: ::looks to Jez::

Holmes: ever since i ran away from the mental institution i had to make a life, ya know

Jez M: uh… yeah

KaIika: ::looks to Holmes backing towards the door, she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I think we will be leavin now, well good luck with your rat

Holmes: Hey hey don’t leave buy something first

KaIika: ::she looks to Jez::

Jez M: I gave you twenty bucks… I dont want anything ::backing towards door::

Holmes: don’t you want your door prize? Used pissed in and crapped in underwear?

Jez M: uh no thanks

Holmes: aww…

Jez M: maybe you should just throw the door prize away

KaIika: ::scrunches her nose::

Jez M: ::hand on door::

KaIika: ::she looks to the man::

Holmes: what? and leave customers unhappy? no way ::shakes head::

Jez M: ok

KaIika: umm

KaIika: how about…

KaIika: ::walks to some old shoes, she smells them::

KaIika: these?

Jez M: ::opens door::

KaIika: ::makes a sick face to jez but brightens::

KaIika: A handsome pair of shoes

KaIika: how much?

Holmes: umm those are 99 cents…

KaIika: ::she walks to him handing him the fifty::

KaIika: keep the change

KaIika: ::she sliiides to the door::

KaIika: ::turns and looks over her shoulder throwing a wink at him:

Holmes: ::takes the fifty: and falls to the ground, from such excitement::

KaIika: Good luck

Jez M: ::steps out::

Holmes: ::almost has a heart attack::

KaIika: ::pushes Jez out the damned door::

KaIika: Go

KaIika: ::quickly follows her::

Holmes: Hey remeber to advertise my store!

another RhyDin CheapNSave log:

Lillixgirl: ::looks at him oddly::

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register again::

davepoobond: ahahahahahahahahahahaahah

davepoobond: welcome to Rhydin Cheap N Save!

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Lillixgirl: thanks!

Holmes: ::runs back in::

davepoobond: boy howdy

davepoobond: haha heehaw

Holmes: ::throws her a store listing::

Lillixgirl: ::catches it::

Holmes: ::stands behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::sets up all the stuff::

davepoobond: hey! i got a good idea! old tapes no one use!

davepoobond: by bands no one has EVER heard of

Lillixgirl: ::reads over it::

Holmes: ::points a finger at him:: your a great thinker

davepoobond: thanks!

davepoobond: we also need a clown suit called “Dump the Clown Suit”

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him and looks at it:: we had a lot of

great dumps together…but

Holmes: it’s time to move on ::sniff sniff:: good bye good friend ::hands

it to dave::

davepoobond: ::takes it and tacks it on a wall near the door::

davepoobond: ::he steps back, admiring it:: good!

Lillixgirl: ::tries to keep from laughing::

Holmes: ::hits a button and the register falls apart:: damnit…

davepoobond: got anything else we can put up?

Holmes: oh how about some crumpled up paper!

davepoobond: ok, got a basket of it?

Holmes: ::pulls one out from behind him:: here ya go

Lillixgirl: u need duct tape

Holmes: Oh i found a calender! but it’s for 1901…oh well still useful ::tosses it to him::

Lillixgirl: duct tape. trust me on that one

Holmes: duct tape ::rolls eyes:: like THAT has any use for anything…

Lillixgirl: only anything!

davepoobond: ::grabs the basket and places it on a table and tosses the calender on it too::

Lillixgirl: theres nothing duct tape cant do!

Holmes: can it tape a ducks mouth shut?

Holmes: i didn’t THINK so…

Lillixgirl: im sure it could

Holmes: a duck doesn’t HAVE a mouth HAHAHAHAHAHA

davepoobond: can it pick the lint off my boot?

Lillixgirl: ::nods::

davepoobond: lies! all lies!

davepoobond: i dont even HAVE a boot!

Lillixgirl: then get those too

Holmes: hey i found some boots ::pulls out a brand named Tumberland::

davepoobond: do you have toy cars made in mexico by any chance?

Holmes: ::pulls out a gold ring:: this will never sell…::throws it in a corner::

Holmes: ah hah, I found mexican toy cars…there called Hoto Wheelios…

davepoobond: yeah, who needs that piece of junk

davepoobond: hoto wheelios!? you serious?! those are…collector items almost!

Holmes: ::throws the cars at him::

Holmes: think fast! ::throws one:: think fast! ::throws another one::

Holmes: think slow this time ::throws one in slow motion::

davepoobond: ::the cars hit my eyes::

davepoobond: owww

Holmes: ::looks at his eyes:: are those broken? If they are we can SELL it!

davepoobond: no, just slightly poked

davepoobond: ::takes the cars and tosses it on a table::

Holmes: darn there goes $.99 off our buisness

davepoobond: sorry

davepoobond: but, we can use these instead!

davepoobond: ::takes out a googly eye glasses thingy::

Holmes: AHHH THOSE ARE SCARY ::jumps into his cardboard box home::

Holmes: is the monster gone ::pops his head out::

OnlineHost: Lillixgirl has left the room.

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has entered the room.

davepoobond: yeah….now it is

davepoobond: but, theres a new one!

Holmes: ::runs behind the counter::

davepoobond: ::stares over at black halo::

Holmes: ((he didn’t walk in yet))

OnlineHost: BIack Halo has left the room.

Holmes: damnit

davepoobond: ((gggrrrr))

Holmes: ugh i’ll go back to advertising

davepoobond: ((i’m gonna invite some guys))

davepoobond: ((wait!))

Holmes: ((alright))

Holmes: ((lol i just herd on the news there was a plan to kill N Sync in a teens room))

davepoobond: ((yeah, i knew about that yesterday))

Holmes: ((thats how stupid N Sync is…))

davepoobond: ((his motive was “because they got all the good girls”))

Holmes: ((hahaha))

Holmes: ((where are the guys you invited))

davepoobond: ((THEY ALL LEFT!))

davepoobond: ((go ahead and advertise…))

Holmes: ((…))

Holmes: ((alright))

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: no customers?

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

davepoobond: no

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

davepoobond: ….

Holmes: ugh STILL no customers?

davepoobond: what are you doing to advertise?

Holmes: ::walks in:: hey you want cheap stuff? Go to RhydinCheapNSave ::walks out::

davepoobond: uhh, put a link

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Celtic Frost has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: …

davepoobond: someone came but left

Holmes: dang

davepoobond: must’ve been the calendar ::shrugs::

Holmes: ::points to the calender:: it’s all your fault!

Holmes: ::crumples it up and adds it to the crumpled paper basket::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has entered the room.

Holmes: ugh we need customers

Necrochild: But its not a slimy lick

Necrochild: Mrr?

davepoobond: ::rings the cash register::

OnlineHost: Necrochild has left the room.

davepoobond: what an idiot

davepoobond: that stupid calendar AGAIN

Holmes: ::looks at the crumpled calender:: your going to get it BIG time

Holmes: ::plays paper basketball with it with a hoop on the door::

davepoobond: ::Defends the calendar::

davepoobond: no! dont touch!

Holmes: ::grumbles::

Holmes: ::looks at the calender;: he may protect you now but when he lets his guard down, your gonna

Holmes: GET IT

Holmes: ::pounds his fist against his hand and makes a really angry face::

davepoobond: ……..just go advertise, it’ll blow off some steam

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: RhydinCheapNSave (Keyword to: aol://2719:62-2-RhydinCheapNSave)

Holmes: wait this is rhydin cheap n save

Holmes: whoops hehehehe

OnlineHost: Holmes has left the room.

OnlineHost: Holmes has entered the room.

Holmes: now lets just wait….

Holmes: ::hums the jepordy theme song::

OnlineHost: Raze has entered the room.

Holmes: good three people, now we should get a bigger crowd

davepoobond: ::waves at FireRaze:: hi-o!

FireRaze: ::hops on in,dooing cartweels::

FireRaze: Heeeeeyyyyy!!!!

Holmes: ::gives each a recruiting store listing::

Holmes: add as much stuff as you like…

davepoobond: i need to go….

Holmes: …so…

davepoobond: bye

Holmes: doh bye

davepoobond: i’ll probably be back..

Holmes: alright….

davepoobond: in 2 minutes

Holmes: don’t let the door bonk your butt on the way out

This is the Store listing for Rhydin CheapNSave:

Used Socks: $.99

Used Underwear: $.99

Used Underwear that has been pissed in and crapped in: Free, I don’t want this shit!

Used Soap on a rope: $.99

Brand New Spam: $.99

Year old Cheese: $.99

Magic Wand: $.99

A Two Dollar Prostitute: $.99

Used Cocaine: $.99

Anti Super Strong New and Improved Nose Hair Remover: $.99

Joke A Cola: $.99

Jomama: $.99

Taking over my buisness: $.10, PLEASE TAKE IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

Tights: $.99

Watching peoples disgusted face when they walk into my store: Priceless

Spoom: $.99

Potty Training Lessons: $.99

Russian Express Credit Card: (it might not be American Express, but it’s just as good!) $.99

String Cheese: $.99

Dike Shirts(Nike is way overated, now it’s time for DIKE! Just BUY it!): $.99

Tommy Pullmyfinger Jeans: $.99

Abibas Shoes: $.99

Kalvin Clein sweatshirts: $.99

M&W’s candy (Melts in your hand, not in your mouth!): $.99


UPDATE 7-2-02

davepoobond: who would buy Squackle! t-shirts, mugs and junk?

FireRaze: I got nothin

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UPDATE 6-28-02

FireRaze: What!? You can use those? That’s crap!

Soup Nazi: We need an engineer! Let’s go! Los los!

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