#21897: Evil Hell Cow -> davepoobond


Evil Hell Cow:

davepoobond: wow

Evil Hell Cow: I want that man 🙁

davepoobond: :-!

Evil Hell Cow: Not the woman… the booze

Evil Hell Cow: if it could do that for me…..

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: make you into a hot woman?

Evil Hell Cow: ….no

Evil Hell Cow: make other women into hot women!


#10363: davepoobond -> Evil Hell Cow

davepoobond: i’m blue da ba dee ba dye da bee da ba dye

Evil Hell Cow: o.o

Evil Hell Cow: say wha ?

davepoobond: i’m blue

davepoobond: da ba dee ba dye da bee da ba dye

Evil Hell Cow: Ohhh right o.o

davepoobond: i’m blue

davepoobond: da ba dee da ba dye

davepoobond: =-O

Evil Hell Cow: dude yer weird


#10275: davepoobond -> Evil Hell Cow

davepoobond: 😉

Evil Hell Cow: Ha!

Evil Hell Cow: your evil Smiley of death is useless to me!

Evil Hell Cow: As I have my anti Smiley shield up!

Evil Hell Cow: Your attack is futile!

davepoobond: oh noooooooooooo

davepoobond: 🙁

Evil Hell Cow: :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-( Fear the frownies!

davepoobond: 😛



Announcer: Do you have pesky insects bothering you ?


Bugs that bug you ?


Well what you need is… DAVEPOOBOND-B-GONE!


Proven to work in five different countries!


Ethiopia! Venezuela ! Germany! Peru! and even the Good ol’ Great Britain have all reported fantastic reports of being rid of these pesky creatures! Dave hasn’t left the United States yet! So get yours today! For only $20 a can!


Any and all side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, blindness and choking is assured not a side effect of this problem

Despite we have been sued 89 times, we assure you, this product is healthy and safe


Anti-Blue Jay Campagin

It has come to my attention that the Blue Jay is a vile creature, a coward fiend that needs to be persecuted to the utmost extreme. It plagues the minds of men and woman alike. Invoking their most desires, letting them produce them to the most grandoise of ways, but when these plans come to costs and confrontation, the instinct of the Blue Jay will be invoked in them. They will run in fear of the confrontation. So it is the duty of Alan D. Gibson AKA Evil Hell Cow, to let people be aware of the dangers of this bird, and to make people aware these creatures are vile and selfish. They and all they stand for must be exterminated.


#6469: Evil Hell Cow -> davepoobond

Evil Hell Cow: pssst

Evil Hell Cow: >.>

davepoobond: yaa?

Evil Hell Cow: Hey

davepoobond: hi

Evil Hell Cow: Pssst I got something ya might want <.<

davepoobond: k…..wat is it.

Evil Hell Cow: and it’s only for $50 ::firm nod:: It’s some Viagra….dont ya want some ?

davepoobond: oh yeah………………do you keep my identity confidential

Evil Hell Cow: Nope we sell all your personal info to other companies so they can send you personalized ads and shit

davepoobond: ah ha…….hmm…………give it to me anyway

Evil Hell Cow: we sell your medical records your therapy treat ment, and everything about your whole life

Evil Hell Cow: Alright ::holds out the bottle::now give over the money

davepoobond: ::hands him the money:: alright now the bottle

Evil Hell Cow: ::tosses it over::good luck chump! XD

davepoobond: i dont have a problem!

Evil Hell Cow: know what could suck ?

Evil Hell Cow: OD’ing on Viagra

Evil Hell Cow: Imagine if you did that and had a hard on for like, an entire year

davepoobond: i dont think you can

davepoobond: it’d fall off before that

Evil Hell Cow: LOL


#6464: Evil Hell Cow -> davepoobond

Evil Hell Cow: Wouldn’t it suck if the male sexual organ was their index finger ?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: well maybe not

Evil Hell Cow: no ?

davepoobond: it’d be easier to masturbate

Evil Hell Cow: Oh yeah I can imagine all the boys masturbating in class

davepoobond: teachers would be like “stop doing that”

davepoobond: doing what

Evil Hell Cow: *Squirrrrrrrrt*

davepoobond: and they’re stickin it peoples ears and mouths

davepoobond: and poking them

davepoobond: like crazy

Evil Hell Cow: LMAO

Evil Hell Cow: you can give yourself oral

davepoobond: “i impregnated 45 girls today mom”

Evil Hell Cow: LOL!

davepoobond: “i have to get something out of the corner of my mouth”

davepoobond: “(oh baby)”

Evil Hell Cow: LMAO


#6463: Evil Hell Cow -> davepoobond

Evil Hell Cow: If there was a fantasy creature that you had an infatuation with

Evil Hell Cow: what would it be ?

davepoobond: infatuation?

Evil Hell Cow: An extreme liking of

davepoobond: a fantasy character

davepoobond: that i liked a lot

davepoobond: what would it be

Evil Hell Cow: Creature

Evil Hell Cow: not character

davepoobond: hrmm

davepoobond: i dont really have one

Evil Hell Cow: Alrightie

davepoobond: y

Evil Hell Cow: Just curious