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Hello, my name is Dave.  Yes, this is my web site.

I like to laugh, and I like funny things. It just so happens that I make lots of funny things as well. I’ve got plenty of ideas swirling through my brain, and if I’m lucky enough, they’ll be created one day.  I am a film major, professional video editor, and a self-proclaimed film buff.  I have seen more than 1100 films of all genres, from campy to award-winning.  I spend a lot of my days creating, writing, drawing (badly) and posting new stuff on this web site.  I currently work as a professional video editor who owns and operates a professional humor web site in a professional fashion full of professional posts that are very professional in its subsequent profession.  I am a Professor of Stupid.

If you would like to contact me for business, advertising, job opportunities, or the web site as a whole, please contact me at davepoobond@squackle.com .

I am also an amateur games journalist, working for 6 years (2004 to 2010) as a writer/public relations manager for a small gaming web site known as GamersMark (which is now defunct).  During my time there, I had reviewed/previewed 100+ games in a professional capacity, and attended three separate E3 events, as well as other various PR events for games (such as WWE Smackdown vs Raw, where I had The Miz and Dolph Zigler/Cody Rhodes on two different occasions look upon one of my create-a-character creations in disbelief).  I also posted countless news articles during my time there.

The Staff Cavalcade (recurring contributors):

Solid Billy – Squacklecast co-host

Unnamed Hero – Game reviews, occasional Squacklecast guest

J2K – Occasional random content

All the things I’ve personally authored on the site, that are significant enough to deem as “my work” are here:


Content that is tagged with “The DPB Tag” are articles that I deem as important pieces of writing and other things that I have created. As almost all the content on here isn’t necessarily what you’d see on a regular blog, it is necessary to distinguish this type of content that holds the sort of classification of content on this site that corresponds with my personal creative abilities. This tag is accessible from the following link:


My jobs on the web site are as follow:

Main web designer (knows basic HTML only), main publicist, marketing representative, the main guy, the only guy that updates the site, the only guy that works on this site, the only guy that you’ll see saying things in the updates most of the time, the guy that you should reference to when you talk about this site.  Business legislator of foreign and domestic affairs, web site organizer, web site attorney, as well as single and looking ::wink::.

Notable past contributors/personalities on the web site are:

Nose – funny guy, mostly emotional support.  Stopped giving stuff in 2000.  “I’m a psychotic porn star midget. I like oily foods and cheese. Grease is your friend. I also like 1950’s foreign horror films and sniffing glue and other substances.  I also play the guitar.”

stimpyismyname – story writer, game programmer, other junk.  Never gives stuff to put up.  “I play guitar, I like video games and movies”

elmoisfurry – wrote stuff, but stopped doing a lot in 2001.  Mostly emotional support.  “knows how to play the bass, but plays bagpipes and eats haggis”

Fajita Bum – made Dacky (the duck), mostly emotional support.  Has never actually made anything except for Dacky. “I like potato cakes, fajita bums, and poopy tarts”

Blind Bubba – emotional support.

Soup Nazi – mostly emotional support.  “uahhh…ahh..what did I say? You’re writing that down!? uhh cheese makes you fat duhhuh and constipated and dave is very weird and he will trade you in for a monkey anytime”

Holmes – A funny guy.  Only person that was a Squackle Member who is an acquaintance over the Internet.  “theres nothing left in my right brain and theres nothing right in my left brain, hows a man suppose to think?”

Elias – He is a writer or something… “I’m a lousy piece of ass, and I should know, because I’ve been there almost every time.”


UPDATE 10-18-05

Pick of October 18, 2005

davepoobond:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Its been 6 years since we’ve been on the web in some form!  So here’s a somewhat big update.  I might add some more through the day/week, so check back every now and then.  Read through all the past updates at the Site History.

Also, somehow along the way, I miscounted the amount of words in the dictionary, so instead of 100 new words, 210 new words have been added so that there are still 100 more words from the last update.

stimpyismyname: I’ll let it go for 200 cause I like your face.

Elias: I am an Alien

Soup Nazi: My body is hair free. And my house has black mold.

And here’s something from Go Smoke A Toilet:  i don’t know what kind of person would want to pour seminal fluids on frogs in the midsts of an intense orgy

October 18, 2005

Dictionary – 4800 words, 210 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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UPDATE 2-22-05

Pick of February 22, 2005

davepoobond: For the sake of having a change of what is on the front page, here’s an update. Thanks, and choose Squackle.com for all your humor needs. <insert winking, pretty boy, corporate representative who only cares about making money and taking it out of your pocket>

Soup Nazi: Don’t get MySpace. You’ll be consumed.

Elias: Squackle’s nice and all, but I’d like Squackle a lot better if it gave me blowjobs.\

Nose: i’m not inspired at the moment, i’ve found employment as a hospital orderly

stimpyismyname: push off contact push off

February 22, 2005

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UPDATE 9-10-04

Pick of September 10, 2004

davepoobond: HLLO EVRONE HO R U TDY?@?! Anyhow, here’s some stuff that you might find enjoyable for the next long while…We finally have 4000 words in our dictionary now.  YAY.

Also, a special shout out to all those myspace, xanga, and livejournal users who seem to like to link to the midis in our midis section to be played on their journals.  Your daily use of our bandwidth makes me happy (Translation: If I ever find out who you are in real life, I’ll cut your throat).  Enjoy the midis anyway! (Translation: Die.)

f roy132 loves you though…as well as everyone.  In case you don’t know who she is, she’s the Mistress of the Bulletin Board, and has more posts than even I do.

Speaking of the bulletin board, it and all its parts (like downloads) will be up as soon as possible.

Elias: No, seriously, I didn’t kill a cheap, cyphalis-infected hooker, and bury her below five trashbags filled with German Shepherd shit in a dark, muggy alley. Seriously, dude, I didn’t do it.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 4000 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

About Us – NEW SQUACKLE MEMBER, HOORAY.  His name is Elias.

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