#5973: DAUGHTE -> MyLeftTesticle

DAUGHTE: wut then

MyLeftTesticle: Huh?

DAUGHTE: whatcha goin do know

DAUGHTE: bring it on


DAUGHTE: wut then

DAUGHTE: i thought so

MyLeftTesticle: What’re you talking about?

DAUGHTE: you goin get smart with me in the chat room so lets do dis

MyLeftTesticle: Do what?

DAUGHTE: you got smart with me when i said

DAUGHTE: wuts crackin up in here

MyLeftTesticle: Define your version of “smart”, please.


DAUGHTE: you ant smart


DAUGHTE: and wut you goin do

MyLeftTesticle: That’s a brilliant conclusion.

MyLeftTesticle: I’m just laughing my ass off at how lame you are.

DAUGHTE: your the lame one u scared to get in a fight

DAUGHTE: i thought so

MyLeftTesticle: How are we going to “fight”? This who thing is over the internet. Why even make a big fuss over it? That’s the lame part.