#5890: JUDIBA -> Censored Name

JUDIBA: hi jeff

Censored Name: sorry its ed

JUDIBA: oh really?

JUDIBA: stop it

JUDIBA: i know it’s you

Censored Name: no realy its ed

JUDIBA: yeah, and i’m kayla

JUDIBA: suuuure

Censored Name: yes my name is ed ok not jeff

JUDIBA: oh boy

JUDIBA: sorry

JUDIBA: are you mad at me now?

Censored Name: thats ok

JUDIBA: good

JUDIBA: so you’re not mad?

Censored Name: no no

JUDIBA: ok good

Censored Name: and why

JUDIBA: do you have a dog?

JUDIBA: why what?

Censored Name: am i mad at you

JUDIBA: you are?

Censored Name: no sorry

JUDIBA: no sorry what?

JUDIBA: no you don’t have a dog?

Censored Name: i am not mad at you ok


JUDIBA: thanks for your help


Censored Name: a/s/l

JUDIBA: 89/f/ny

JUDIBA: my s/n stands for just uterly disturbed is bobby’s answer

JUDIBA: did you know that?

JUDIBA: ok then bye

Censored Name: i am biz ok

JUDIBA: biz?

JUDIBA: is that your name?

JUDIBA: i thought you said your name was ed… you liar

JUDIBA: ohhh busy?

JUDIBA: ok bye

JUDIBA: sorry to bother you


#5889: Headless Jeff -> Censored Name

Headless Jeff: HELLEW!!!!

Censored Name: hey

Censored Name: sup whos this

Headless Jeff: Do I know me?

Headless Jeff: Do you know you?

Censored Name: what is ur name

Headless Jeff: oh my name is Bill, Bill Clinton.

Censored Name: hahaha really

Headless Jeff: and I’m runnin for the president of Bosnia and Herzegovinia and I was wonderin if I can count on your vote.

Censored Name: what is ur name please tell me

Censored Name: ya whatever

Headless Jeff: can I count on you to vote for me?

Censored Name: whatever

Headless Jeff: good cause in that country they legalize affairs and I wanna take my wonderful wife Hilary and my wonderful other wife Monica and my wonderful husband Al

Headless Jeff: so what is up as you young american citizens say?

Censored Name: if ur name is bob ross or rork

Censored Name: tell me

Headless Jeff: how old are you surgar? I’m 207 years of age but I look in my 50’s

Headless Jeff: what do young american civilized teens do these days?

Censored Name: lol i dunno ask ur monica what we do

Headless Jeff: sure just a second MONICA SWEETIE PIE!!!!!!


Censored Name: omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headless Jeff: omg stands for Ostiches Mooning George right? I just hate that George Bush

Headless Jeff: hello?

Headless Jeff: well I guess I can’t count on your vote then bye

Headless Jeff: but remember…



#5888: Eminouie -> Censored Name

Eminouie: Hello

Censored Name: um, hi

Censored Name: Who is this?

Eminouie: I’m a dude who wants to chat?

Censored Name: ok…

Censored Name: How’d you get my s/n?

Eminouie: A chatroom silly.

Censored Name: the nsync one?

Eminouie: Absolutley. Thaz like the only good one. LoL

Censored Name: yeah, N SYNC rulzz!

Censored Name: Whos your fav?

Eminouie: Ummm

Eminouie: Like JT. Did you see the Bye Bye Bye video.

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: Who hasn’t seen the bye bye bye video?

Censored Name: yes, i did

Censored Name: i like lance

Censored Name: :o)

Eminouie: Yeah he was on the Millionier show

Eminouie: I taped it and watched it over and over

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: me too! I love how he said all these words in his lil mississippian accent

Eminouie: Yeah I know!!

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: You like typing OMG!

Eminouie: I’m gonna have to go but I haf like like like the greatest time talking OOOOKKKK.

Eminouie: OMG OMG OMG

Censored Name: bye


#5887: Eminouie -> Censored Name

Eminouie: Hello

Censored Name: do i know u?

Eminouie: Noper ooo scoo e

Eminouie: Want to chat?

Eminouie: :::awaits answer::::

Eminouie: So do you wanna chat?

Eminouie: Guess Not. Bye Bye!

Censored Name: hello?

Censored Name: sorry i got mail lagged

Eminouie: Would you like to chat?

Censored Name: sure

Censored Name: age/sex

Eminouie: 597/m

Censored Name: sure

Eminouie: My name is Master Shreader.

Eminouie: Sorry wrong IM. I’m a ninja turtle lover.

Censored Name: and how old are u?

Eminouie: I am 597

Eminouie: You caught me. I’m 28 and I livve in my parent’s basement.

Eminouie: My goal is to get a job at the Burger Barn but I was fired for accidently breaking the television sets when I tried to turn it on to the Ninja Turtles.

Censored Name: now im freaked

Eminouie: Sorry. Time for Ninja Turtles.

Eminouie: Bye


#5886: LouBoy -> Censored Name

LouBoy: Hello?

Censored Name: hi

Censored Name: Who are you?

LouBoy: Are you into hokemon or pokemon?

LouBoy: I am a boy who wants to chat.

Censored Name: Pokemon

Censored Name: well not that much anymore

LouBoy: Ahhhh. I think they should have a Pokemon called goater 2000 that eats shrimp.

LouBoy: You can visit my old hokemon wesoote here ITP

LouBoy: So what do you think of my Goat Pokemon?

Censored Name: were is it?

LouBoy: Under Inside the Hokepall 2000

LouBoy: I must go I enjoyed exchanging salutations. I will forever be a Hokemaniac.