Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PS) Review

Those of you who are fans of Lunar: Silver Star Story and Eternal Blue will already know what I am going to discuss. I have been a fan of these games since I got Silver Star Story Complete over a year ago. The game was about a boy named Alex who dreams of becoming a legendary dragon master. His adventure begins when him, his greedy friend who is also the mayor of his towns son, Nall a young white dragon and Luna, a girl who his parents were given to take care of when Alex and Luna were infants go find a Dragon Diamond. They meet Quark, the White Dragon and the adventure gains momentum. They meet Nash, an arrogant magic user Kyle, a strong (one time cross dressing) bandit, Jessica, a half beast half human girl, and my personal favorite, Mia Ausa, the premier of the Magic Guild of Vane. I feel through out the entire game Mia grew the most as a person and I feel she was the most beautiful too. Anyway, the meet the four heroes of the last war. And one of them turns out to be their enemy. This game is done in japanese anime style and there is almost an hour of full motion video and voice overs. It is two discs long which I was disappointed because since it is such a great game where you feel like you know the characters and grow with them, you want it to be longer. Now onto the sequel which I waited in anticipation and frustration for almost a year. Eternal Blue has to be one of the best games I have ever played. It has everything that Silver Star Story didn’t. Eternal Blue is three discs long and it takes place 1,000 years after Silver Star Story. It begins with Hiro and Ruby(a young red dragon) looking for jewels in a cave. They find a jewel and get into trouble. Once they are finally safe they go home only to find Hiros grandfather being interrogated by Leo, one of the four heroes of this age. The go to the Blue Spire near Hiros home and meet Lucia, the guardian of the Blue Star. Lucia is then drained of her power by the god of evil, Zophar. Hiro and Ruby protect Lucia and meet up with Ronfar, a gambling priest, Jean, a fighting dancer, Lemina, who is related to Mia Ausa. Eventually Lucia regains most of her power and learns what it is like to be human because she was all alone on the Blue Star but Zophar is resurrected by evil forces and drains the world of Lunar of its energy and magic. It is up to Hiro and his friends to save Lucia and defeat Zophar. Zophar has to be one of the toughest end bosses I have faced in a game but thankfully this morning I beat him in one of the longest video game battles I have every played. Another great thing about Eternal Blue is that there is an Epilogue quest. If you know anything about the Lunar games or are looking for a great RPG that you can get into, then the Lunar games are a good bet. Not only that but they are packaged with tons of goodies that are worth the price of the games. Later everyone.



A Story About a Phone and My Head

I was hanging out in my sister’s room for a while. After an hour she got annoyed because I was making fun of her while she was on the phone, so I tackled her into the ground. Then she attacked me with her brand new phone, smacking it against my head and it broke. She tried forcing me out of her room. After ten minutes of laughing I left willingly. The phone didn’t even hurt me.


What the Critics Say About Squackle

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#6228: davepoobond -> BALTAUR SAMA

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BALTAUR SAMA: What? Thats not fair!

davepoobond: y

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davepoobond: too bad, huh



#6195: davepoobond -> BALTAUR SAMA

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davepoobond: Air Bud

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BALTAUR SAMA: Air Bud 2: Golden Retriever!

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BALTAUR SAMA: Lets boycott Disney!


#6189: davepoobond -> BALTAUR SAMA

davepoobond: moo

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#6173: davepoobond -> BALTAUR SAMA

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#6168: davepoobond -> BALTAUR SAMA

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BALTAUR SAMA: Squack Squack?

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