#10560: alexnorbts -> davepoobond

alexnorbts: whats up man

alexnorbts: how u doin

davepoobond: not much, you

alexnorbts: not doin anything

alexnorbts: do u have bartows cell #

alexnorbts: can u get it

davepoobond: no, sorry

alexnorbts: damn

alexnorbts: aight

alexnorbts: do u have anyones #

alexnorbts: katies

davepoobond: no

alexnorbts: i just need to find my cell fone

alexnorbts: cool i got it

davepoobond: ok good

alexnorbts: how u doin buddy

davepoobond: alright

davepoobond: and you

alexnorbts: good

alexnorbts: what u doin tomorow

davepoobond: sleeping

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: tight

alexnorbts: besides that sleepy ass


#10505: alexnorbts -> davepoobond

alexnorbts: sup poo bond

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: whos this again

alexnorbts: u goin to lunch tomorow

alexnorbts: its cobby

davepoobond: oh yeah thats right…

davepoobond: cobby

alexnorbts: so u goin

davepoobond: yes…

alexnorbts: why

davepoobond: urmm..

davepoobond: because

davepoobond: its good to eat lunch

alexnorbts: right

alexnorbts: yea at 845 too

davepoobond: are you scared of that guham?

davepoobond: y’know, the one that likes to ubjub

davepoobond: and has an odius

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: what the fuck

davepoobond: yeah i told you off

davepoobond: what i said was “are you scared of that fat guy that keeps staring at you?”

davepoobond: “y’know, the one that likes to shove umbrellas up every hole in your body and open them”

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: thats fucked up

alexnorbts: freak

davepoobond: “and has a hate for fat cows with huge tits”

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: damn


#10500: davepoobond -> alexnorbts

davepoobond: so i hear you like bird watching

alexnorbts: for reall nigga

davepoobond: y’watch women with your binoculars too?


davepoobond: you’re so cool

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: who dis be

davepoobond: dave

alexnorbts: rogyes

alexnorbts: ha

davepoobond: so, where’d you hear about grand buffet

alexnorbts: linas and drew saw them in concert

alexnorbts: they gave me the cd

alexnorbts: they have the crazyiest lyrics

alexnorbts: the shit

davepoobond: yeah, like “bubble BATH bubble BATH”

alexnorbts: give me my fuckin hot dog bitch all kill u

davepoobond: is that a lyric

davepoobond: or are you telling that to me

davepoobond: oh ok

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: its a lyric

alexnorbts: but i meant it

alexnorbts: ha

davepoobond: i’ve only heard one of their songs

davepoobond: candy bars

alexnorbts: yea

alexnorbts: i like baseball cards

davepoobond: is that a song

alexnorbts: no

alexnorbts: thats the lyrics

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: i only heard it once, so sue me

alexnorbts: have u heard of blackalicous

davepoobond: group?

alexnorbts: yea

alexnorbts: alphabet aerobics

davepoobond: no

alexnorbts: shit man

davepoobond: i’m sorry, i already did.

alexnorbts: damn

davepoobond: ths ones for grammy

davepoobond: i love candy bars, and baseball cards and superstars

alexnorbts: ha

alexnorbts: yea