#10471: davepoobond -> adidasdrgn

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The next day, after #10470.

davepoobond: blah

adidasdrgn: blah

davepoobond: bloop

adidasdrgn: hey my friend was bugging you last night. GERP

davepoobond: yeah

adidasdrgn: did he say who he was?

davepoobond: but i bugged her back

adidasdrgn: HER?

davepoobond: er

adidasdrgn: you mean HIM

davepoobond: yeah

adidasdrgn: lol

davepoobond: that’s right

adidasdrgn: yup, hahahah he said he was a girl?

davepoobond: coulda fooled me

davepoobond: not really

davepoobond: i just got that vibe

adidasdrgn: LOL

adidasdrgn: haha, that’s funny

adidasdrgn: What did u guys talk about

davepoobond: he called you a crack whore

adidasdrgn: 😉

adidasdrgn: lol, not really

davepoobond: heh

adidasdrgn: brb\

davepoobond: he was annoying me, and i was busy doing something, so i didnt really pay attention to what he was saying for about a half an hour

davepoobond: and then i started being annoying back to him

adidasdrgn: good job

adidasdrgn: he told me the conversation got bad?

davepoobond: not really

davepoobond: i told him he was an idiot

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: goood

adidasdrgn: haha people got a kick out of your sn.

adidasdrgn: but i gotta play a game now, cya

davepoobond: whaddya mean

davepoobond: my sn

adidasdrgn: YOur icon

davepoobond: oh

adidasdrgn: whooops

davepoobond: the red guy

adidasdrgn: es

adidasdrgn: yes

davepoobond: oook


#10470: adidasdrgn -> davepoobond

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series adidasdrgn's Friend

adidasdrgn: yo man

davepoobond: gugu

adidasdrgn: HI DAVE

davepoobond: HI

adidasdrgn: Hi

adidasdrgn: hello

adidasdrgn: hola

adidasdrgn: So whz up

davepoobond: not much you

adidasdrgn: Not much but jessica is being a crack hoe

adidasdrgn: 😀

davepoobond: unh hunh

adidasdrgn: :-*


davepoobond: is this her sister or somethin

adidasdrgn: No just a friendly friend

adidasdrgn: Not her boyfriend

davepoobond: unh hunh

adidasdrgn: Oh yeah

adidasdrgn: Uh uh uh uh uh thats good

adidasdrgn: bye

davepoobond: k bye

adidasdrgn: YO

adidasdrgn: :-*

adidasdrgn: :-X

adidasdrgn: So not talken hughghghg

davepoobond: right

davepoobond: happy new year

adidasdrgn: tatatatatata

adidasdrgn: THe sound of a computer typing

davepoobond: oh yeah?

adidasdrgn: Hi again

davepoobond: i didnt know that

davepoobond: woooowwwhoooo

davepoobond: look at me, i’m making a tatatatata sound

davepoobond: if i had a kazoo i’d toot it all day long cuz of that fact

davepoobond: wouldn’t you?

davepoobond: come on singalong

davepoobond: toot toot tatatatatat toot toooot tatatatata

adidasdrgn: What didn’t you know

adidasdrgn: tatatatatatatatattoootootoototot

davepoobond: the sound a computer made was tatatatatta

adidasdrgn: I was singing along

davepoobond: whatever

adidasdrgn: tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata

adidasdrgn: Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

adidasdrgn: tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat6atataatata

adidasdrgn: booga booga

adidasdrgn: Hot Dog

davepoobond: hammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


adidasdrgn: the sound of letters

adidasdrgn: wooof wooof ruff

adidasdrgn: are you:-X

davepoobond: thats right. just plain :-!


adidasdrgn: ~

adidasdrgn: /’/’

adidasdrgn: 1235486847

adidasdrgn: s/’hjr87344wjn4 ygd\\

adidasdrgn: ¤<HR>gyRTIHITrd



adidasdrgn: aBye

davepoobond: whoa how’d you do that

adidasdrgn: Do what

adidasdrgn: atatatatatTATAATATATATtatatataTATATATtatatat

davepoobond: yeah that

adidasdrgn: tatata caps lock TATATAtatatat

adidasdrgn: just train your fingers young padawan

davepoobond: i will

adidasdrgn: atatatata

davepoobond: obi wang

davepoobond: hahahaah

adidasdrgn: gOOD lowk GROunrunner

adidasdrgn: hahahahHAHAHAHAHhahahahHAHAHAH

davepoobond: that wasn’t funny

adidasdrgn: yES IT WAS. you’re just jealous

adidasdrgn: hahaHAHAHAHAHhahahahHAHAHAHA TAKE that

davepoobond: asdf…x2

adidasdrgn: what?

davepoobond: please remember, all passwords are case sensitive

davepoobond: space consensitve

adidasdrgn: sure whatever

adidasdrgn: weird

davepoobond: and follow the law of conversion of mass

davepoobond: conservation of mass*

davepoobond: would you like to know what that is? click YES or NO

davepoobond: you clicked YES

davepoobond: thank you for clicking…YES

davepoobond: you better REPRESENT

adidasdrgn: Nooo. I will stand above the rest with my

davepoobond: the law of conservation of mass is the fact that ALL RAPPAS

davepoobond: and the areas all filled with snare drums

adidasdrgn: My name is DAVID AND YOU SHALL BE AVenged

davepoobond: and you have to ordeer Hip Hop Blast From the Past Volume 6

davepoobond: which is non-existant


davepoobond: and will not be forever

davepoobond: so good luck finding it


davepoobond: LOSERR

davepoobond: I HAVE IT AND YOU DONT

adidasdrgn: :-*

davepoobond: AHAHAHAHAH

davepoobond: AHAHAHH

davepoobond: AHAHAH








adidasdrgn: BOOO YEAH

adidasdrgn: BOOGA booga BOOGA booga BOO


adidasdrgn: tatatatatata


davepoobond: thats not nice.

adidasdrgn: 😀

davepoobond: dont raise your font at me mister

adidasdrgn: bOO JINGLEY

adidasdrgn: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:-DO:-)8-):-P>:o:-[:-!:-X

adidasdrgn: who’S YOUR DADDY!

adidasdrgn: wiggy

davepoobond: shutupshutup

adidasdrgn: NEverever

adidasdrgn: cha cha cha cha cha cha chaw cba xchs sdnhsd ahjcd wnswv

adidasdrgn: my finger just grew and i started hitting different keys

davepoobond: you’re an idiotttttttttttttttttttt

davepoobond: fingers dont grow in 3.4 seconds man

adidasdrgn: That waas sssssoooooooooo harsh

adidasdrgn: it was .2 secs so hush up bobobobobyobyobyobyobyykobyobyoyboy

davepoobond: dont call me BOY, BRA

davepoobond: ur huggin the wrong tree

adidasdrgn: jock

adidasdrgn: strap

adidasdrgn: Tight

adidasdrgn: painfully

adidasdrgn: tiot

adidasdrgn: tite

adidasdrgn: Squeeze it tight

adidasdrgn: I gotta go so bye

davepoobond: finally

davepoobond: geez

davepoobond: thought you’d never leave

adidasdrgn: bye

davepoobond: LEAVE

davepoobond: NOWWWWWWWWW

adidasdrgn: fine

davepoobond: ur not gone yet

davepoobond: its been 6 minutes

adidasdrgn: nope

davepoobond: yes it has

adidasdrgn: yup

adidasdrgn: soooooo

davepoobond: so you didn’t leave

adidasdrgn: nope

davepoobond: did you leave NOW?

adidasdrgn: nope

adidasdrgn: did you leave yet?

davepoobond: yes, i left and came back

adidasdrgn: me too

adidasdrgn: so what do you wanna talk about?

davepoobond: nothin in particular

davepoobond: go to my web site: www.squackle.com

adidasdrgn: nah, not right now. im busy

davepoobond: how about now

davepoobond: eh eh eh?

davepoobond: wazza matta? you bored with me now that i am more annoying than you?


#6389: davepoobond -> adidasdrgn

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: hi!!

adidasdrgn: hello!!!

davepoobond: hiell!

adidasdrgn: MOooooooooooo cows

davepoobond: mooooooooo giraffes

adidasdrgn: eckieckie penguins


adidasdrgn: how

adidasdrgn: did

adidasdrgn: you

adidasdrgn: do

adidasdrgn: that

davepoobond: press space and then send


adidasdrgn: hashaha i knew that

adidasdrgn: HAHA

adidasdrgn: I’M BORED NOW

davepoobond: HAHAAHAHA

davepoobond: go to squackle

adidasdrgn: you still have that webpage

davepoobond: www.squackle.cjb.net

davepoobond: oh yeah baby

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: Hey that thingy isn’t correct

davepoobond: what isnt

davepoobond: www.arcticnetwork.net/squackle

davepoobond: try that

adidasdrgn: the website, i couldn’t get to it

adidasdrgn: okdoke

adidasdrgn: yeah, it worked

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: yeah.

adidasdrgn: i’m gonna go check it out

davepoobond: yay

adidasdrgn: what do you think about armpit hair, lol

davepoobond: that i have plentiful amounts

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: enough to briad

adidasdrgn: *braid

davepoobond: almost

adidasdrgn: ha

davepoobond: you can make bow ties though

davepoobond: and knots

adidasdrgn: ewwww

adidasdrgn: i hope it smells good

davepoobond: of course

davepoobond: except when i’m sweating like a manatee

adidasdrgn: lol

adidasdrgn: sea cows go eeeewwhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

davepoobond: so

adidasdrgn: so yeah

davepoobond: ok then

adidasdrgn: alrighty then

adidasdrgn: Yup, i’m going to sign off in 4

adidasdrgn: 3

davepoobond: bye

adidasdrgn: 2

adidasdrgn: `1

adidasdrgn: bye!

davepoobond: bye


#6388: davepoobond -> adidasdrgn

davepoobond: agga wagga

adidasdrgn: uh, huh?

davepoobond: yeeep

adidasdrgn: OOOoooooook

adidasdrgn: lol

davepoobond: wuztu yusin

adidasdrgn: IF that means what’s you doing¿ then, I’m ok, wuztu yusin

davepoobond: nuffzin

adidasdrgn: I really hope your name is Dave, or Man, I keep forgeting.

davepoobond: how do you make that upside down question mark

davepoobond: dave

adidasdrgn: ha!

adidasdrgn: ¿ alt 424

davepoobond: dont work

adidasdrgn: alt and then on the right, press 424

adidasdrgn: square pad

davepoobond: ¿

davepoobond: AAAAA

adidasdrgn: hahaha you got it genius!

davepoobond: __

davepoobond: it stopped working

davepoobond: and my font is red

adidasdrgn: why

davepoobond: dunno

davepoobond: i-just-dont-know!

davepoobond: o well

adidasdrgn: o well, ha! you’re Bored!

davepoobond: yeah u got it

adidasdrgn: THOUGHT SO

adidasdrgn: haha

davepoobond: did you know AOL High Speed costs 60 bucks a month

adidasdrgn: wow

adidasdrgn: hahaha

davepoobond: its 31 bucks, in addition to the 29.50 you have to be paying or something

davepoobond: but we’re only paying 22

davepoobond: i dont get it

adidasdrgn: oh well, cheaper, it is. go yoda


#6110: ccan -> adidasdrgn

ccan: hi

ccan: im sudan husane

adidasdrgn: k

ccan: can i sniff your underwear like micheal jackson”

adidasdrgn: the name rings a bell but otherwise, i don’t know you

ccan: yes you do im sudan husane

adidasdrgn: right…

ccan: yes

ccan: u makin fun of me?

adidasdrgn: maybe

ccan: okay well thats not nice

ccan: u odnt wanna mess with sudan husane

adidasdrgn: i don’t even know sudan husane

ccan: ooh u dont! thats baddd

adidasdrgn: so who is this sudan?

ccan: a very famouse man who tried to bomb the world

adidasdrgn: o Y2k?

ccan: no

adidasdrgn: o

adidasdrgn: so what then?

ccan: i tried to bomb the world!!

adidasdrgn: sure

adidasdrgn: anyway, asl?

ccan: u ask me that ill blow u up

adidasdrgn: ok a secret person ic

adidasdrgn: nevermind

ccan: yes

ccan: id have to kill you if i told you

adidasdrgn: o