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ATTN: Don’t hit me up if you are not ready to go

I love to suck****and ball and ride a big****until it cum to book me its 15 b4 i leave my house and 50 dollar when i get to ur house its for 1 hour please have ur address and cell # ready if your not bookin me today do not message me please don not message me for convo u will get no reply thanx now let me come milk u”

– from a girl’s dating profile


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Hello there :). Im Carmen 😀

Well here’s the dealio LOL. Umm Im kinda in a messed up situation right now and I really need some help and well lets just say I can return the favor… Sort off. LOL.

Anyways, here’s whats happening right now in my life. I moved here for college and I’m going into business and I didn’t really have a place to stay. I had a couple hundred dollars so I ended up leasing an apartment and I never knew that If I didn’t pay the monthly rent I’d be screwed financially. I’ve actually been looking around for a job and right now I can’t really find one anywhere and my friend gave me the idea to sell my nudes that I took for my BF for his birthday and he’s not getting them for obvious reasons ;)!.

I have about 600+ pics and a video I made for him but he’s not getting them anymore LOL. He left me for this fat chick and I guess thats too bad for him. Anyways so I set up this online shop place where you can get my stuff, Its actually right here: <spam URL here>”

– a spammer’s profile on a dating site pretending to be a hot girl


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My Self Summary

“DONT ASK TO KNOW ME ASK TO PAY ME..U THINK I CARE ABOUT STUPID RELASTIONSHIPS OR SQUARE SHIT …I’m foxx I like tats Fashion money cars cloths nd girls I hate gay dudes meaning street dudes that like anal.. #nasty#downlow#notcool… stay away anal likers”

You Should Message Me If

“U tryna get money turn up.. see sum strippers I hate dum questions I’M a escort let’s clear the air… so don’t ask ..talk money lean pills and dro.. that’s the only thing im into..fucc u getting to know.me or me knowing u..let’s get to the point”

– from a girl’s “dating” profile


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“Let’s try this again! My profile keeps getting Hacked! If you see 2 other me floating around,that’s some creeper.I’m the real deal!

In the midst of a conversation with someone I thought it maybe a good idea to make this clear >>>I’M NOT LOOKING FOR A QUICK HOOK UP and I’d appreciate if your intentions are that PUHHLEASE refrain from emailing me. Why waste eachother’s time?? We all have our preferences , rhymes and reasons getting laid just ain’t MINE. Is this a Sex site??? I’m disturbed, turned off and grossed by the sexually aggressive emails and texts I’m getting by You damn MEN!!! What is UP!??We are adults not teenagers anymore and I’m a lady.I’d like to be treated as such ! Save the sex talk for a phone sex operator or hold on, get too know me! ya never know what may come of it! sheesh SLOW DOWN…
no ,i will not go cuddle with you , “hit you up” ( I cant stand that phrase) automatic fail if you say either of those things to me and please do not be a gangster, wanna be gangster ,have the gangster look, attire that looks gangster, anything gangster ..sorry Im just really really reallllyyy not into that type type of guy.’ we are worlds apart …”

– from a girl’s dating profile