Gaminator (iOS) Review

Developer/Publisher: Greentube Alderney Ltd.  || Overall:  8.5/10

Gaminator is a free casino app available in various European App Stores.  Using the same user interface integrated across a multitude of slots, players are able to hop around between different themes as they see fit with ease.  When first booting up the game, you are presented with an easy-to-understand interface.  In the top corners you’ll be shown your current Credit balance and your levels, the most important pieces of information.  With each level, you gain an extra Credit bonus, as well as a timed bonus every 4 hours.  The first few levels are easy to attain, so you’ll be earning quite a bit of bonus Credits as you start out.  This is a good way to allow you to get used to the game’s features and slots, especially if this is your first casino game.

Gaminator currently includes 13 differently-themed slots, with more being added.  You’ll be able to quickly and easily switch between slots that you like without restrictions such as a level minimum.  Once you feel like changing, it is easy to go back to the Lobby and switch to another slot.

The slot selection is diverse, and each theme can be fun depending on your personal preference.  Most are 5-Column games with a couple of 3-Column games available.  The selection of slots include the following and more:

  • Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe – lady/luck/magic themed
  • Book of Ra Deluxe – Egypt themed
  • Columbus deluxe – based on Christopher Columbus
  • Ultra Hot Deluxe – 3-Column fruit theme
  • Lord of the Ocean – Poseidon/water theme

It is very convenient to be able to switch between slots that are available via the Gaminator lobby.  If you are interested in trying out Gaminator, you can find it on the Hungarian App Store.  It is also available on the Czech, Polish, Russian, and Slovakian App Stores.

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International Magicians Society – Commercial

Hello magic fans.  I’m here with Jig Reed and Croy Thompson, and their white tigers…

(Jig Reed and Croy Thompson are having sex with their tigers and smoking cocaine with them.)

…to tell you about the International Magicians society.
Yes, it is actually a real organization in which all magicians must
become a part of once they graduate from Magic School.

(Jig and Croy are licking their tiger’s balls)

Yes, you get many benefits, like Free Jungle Sex w/White Tigers.
If you are a magician and you’re not in the International Magician Society,
we will send you death threats until you do!

(Jig is face down on the floor, and a tiger is sitting on top of him)

As a part of the IMS, you must take the vow of never revealing the secrets
behind magic tricks.  If you do, we’ll kill you by submerging you in a tank full of water,
handcuff you, and lock the tank.  And you won’t be able to get out the way you usually can that I’m  not gonna say!
Now, its time for me to get some tiger lovin’, so if you’ll excuse me…

(Shane Durton is pounced by a tiger, and they start licking each other)

Oh God, YES!



WoW Chat #22142: davepoobond -> Sanydiusw

Sanydiusw is selling rare mounts in trade.

davepoobond: ill buy it for 10k

Sanydiusw: lol no thanks

davepoobond: how much for magic rooster egg then???

Sanydiusw: Cash

davepoobond: whats that

Sanydiusw: $

davepoobond: gold?

Sanydiusw: No

davepoobond: ??

davepoobond: can i trade you a copy of death to all humans: big willy unleashed

Sanydiusw: only real money.:(

davepoobond: and a flask of winds

Sanydiusw: Sorry.:P

Sanydiusw: sorry

davepoobond: what are you sorry for

Sanydiusw: coz we selling them in $.:)

davepoobond: who is we???

Sanydiusw: dollars

davepoobond: who

Sanydiusw: our company.:)

davepoobond: what is a that

Sanydiusw: i am a gold seller

davepoobond: i thought you said you dont want gold?

davepoobond: i have a sick

davepoobond: i need god to fix to my visa


Joke #17556

A brilliant magician was performing on an ocean liner.  But every time he did a trick, a talking cat in the audience would scream, “It’s a trick.  It’s not magic.  You’re a big phony!”

Then one night during a storm, the ship sank while the magician was performing.  And who should end up in the same lifeboat together, all alone, but the talking cat and the magician!  For three days, they glared at each other, neither one saying a word to the other.

Finally the cat sighed and said, “All right, smart-aleck.  You and your darn tricks.  What did you do with the ship?”


What six troubles did a “mighty magician” bring to the earth?

What six troubles did a "mighty magician" bring to the earth?

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