#6372: davepoobond -> Squall

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Squall Is Not From Kansas

davepoobond: boo

Squall: who is this

davepoobond: Asdilik Pickinson

Squall: ohh

davepoobond: 1423 Oak Park Drive

Squall: right…

davepoobond: Missouri, Kansas

davepoobond: i didnt name the town, i’m sorry

Squall: i dont know anyone from kansas

davepoobond: so what

davepoobond: now you do

Squall: right..

davepoobond: so whats up

Squall: nuthin

davepoobond: same with me. momma is milking the cows, and my sister is milking the chickens, and i’m trying to make millions of dollars on the internet so we dont have to milk any animals any more

Squall: right…

davepoobond: guess whos back

Squall: your mom?

davepoobond: back again

davepoobond: guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back

davepoobond: EM EM EM EM EM INEM


davepoobond: actually my moms back now

davepoobond: she wants to talk to you

davepoobond: is that ok

Squall: no

davepoobond: seriously now, you dont remember who i am?

Squall: no


#5922: Squall -> Holmes

Squall: shirlock holmes

Holmes: if i was really sherlock holmes i’d atleast know how to spell my name, dummy

Squall: well you know the e and the i are right across from each other?

Holmes: good for the E and the I, want me to throw a party for them?

Squall: umm no i think theve had enough exitment for one night i think

Holmes: wimps….

Holmes: i think there stupid

Squall: umm are you ok or just not

Holmes: i’m crazy, jeeze can’t you tell?

Squall: my grandma is half iridh and my grandpa is half lesbian that makes me quarter lesbian

Squall: irish*

Holmes: wow thanks for the info, incase i’m ever on jepardy and they ask: This person is a quarter Lesbian, I’ll proudly say: Who is Squall?

Squall: that would be me in a tree or would that be in a nut shell

Holmes: be me tree be rhyme

Squall: ohh well who let you out of the zoo

Holmes: the Lions, they said i was getting too annoying and they booted me out. They also said I lived like an animal and I didn’t clean after myself

Squall: }:)

Squall: and yes that is a unibrow i think or a giant stye in my eye

Holmes: wow thats so cool

Holmes: Not i’mm cooler then you and no it isn’t true

Squall: so actually im cooler than you

Squall: i feel contagious

Holmes: no see i’m 10% Ghetto, 20% Eminem, 30% Crazy, 15% Cheese Stick, 5% Lesbian Trapped in a mans body and 25% FREA-KAY

Holmes: wait thats a 105

Squall: cant you count you egotistical freak with 9 fingers

Holmes: yeah i can count, 1 2 3…3….3……..3….uh umm….3 2 1 there i counted…

Squall: ohh really i dont consider that counting but whater your mom wants to teach you is ok with me

Holmes: i’ll wrestle you

Squall: ill embestle you

Holmes: i’ll make you brush your teeth with crest….le…

Squall: le ?? is that like bruce cause if so i might need some super strength juice

Squall: well i gtg

Squall: joe shmoe

Holmes: don’t let the cyber door cyberly bonk your cyber ass on the cyber way out, cyberly


#5880: Squall -> jace man

Squall: is nicole hot?

jace man: whos this?

Squall: You ask too many questions

jace man: i asked 1

jace man: so that means u ask to many also

Squall: Ah ha a smart one eh

Squall: Im nicoles nig

jace man: nig?

Squall: Where

jace man: huh?

jace man: u lost me on that one

Squall: So back to the main point is nicole hot

jace man: wtf is a nig

Squall: Where

jace man: u said u were!

Squall: Ima nig?

jace man: u said it not me

jace man: nvm i kno what it is

Squall: So just in some wierd coinicedince i was a nig would you tell

jace man: ur white arnt u

Squall: Yea

Squall: darn your not fun anymore

jace man: lol

jace man: stupid sean

jace man: hehe

Squall: Damnit

jace man: what?

Squall: You gotta tell nicole to stop that stuff shes ruining the fun

jace man: dude my friends a hacker

Squall: Good for your friend

jace man: yeah

jace man: i kno all about u

Squall: Yea…. right

jace man: new jersey

Squall: Your lucky nicole is tellin you stuff

jace man: what ever u say

jace man: y do u want my opinion

Squall: Dude she already told me she told you

Squall: I dunno cause she asked me to ask you

jace man: oh

Squall: So do you find her sexualy attractive?

jace man: haha

jace man: yeah y

Squall: Just checkin if you were gay

jace man: i should beat the fuck outta u

Squall: Yea but you cant so

jace man: how do u kno

jace man: i got connections

Squall: CAuse you dont know where i live and id beat your ass first

jace man: hahah!!!!

jace man: no

Squall: Wait wait wait yes

jace man: i seriosuly dont think so

Squall: and im not gonna argue about who will beat who cause well never no

jace man: u got a pic?

Squall: Nah yo

jace man: yeah thats y nicole says u do

Squall: nicole saw my pic, doesnt mean i have one

jace man: right

Squall: So you bang her yet

jace man: no

Squall: Why not?

jace man: lets c

jace man: she lives in maine

jace man: i live in ct

Squall: Ohhh that sux i guess

Squall: How do you know her

jace man: i meet her at a hotel and barley even talked to her and only saw her once

Squall: a little one night stand?

jace man: no

Squall: She wouldnt let you hit that

Squall: ?

jace man: never asked

jace man: i was babysittin my lil couz’s

Squall: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

jace man: huh?

Squall: Whatd i say?

jace man: Ohh ida been like you cuz watch how its done

Squall: i meant yo instead of you

jace man: they were 3 and 6

Squall: Get em started early

jace man: sorta hard when they dont got anything to start

jace man: with

Squall: Bring them with you to watch like a field day

Squall: Big pimpin with jace man

jace man: when im 21 and have a car

jace man: then theyll be old enough to start

Squall: Ohh

jace man: yeah

Squall: Im mad that she didnt let you tap that ass she let me

jace man: u wish

Squall: Ask her

jace man: ok

Squall: Told ya

jace man: she said no

Squall: WTF i couldnt have been that bad

jace man: or u lied

Squall: Dude ask her again she musta been palyin

jace man: ok… brb

jace man: she said no again

Squall: Whatever flux her then

Squall: well i gots ta go

jace man: ok

jace man: peace

Squall: Peace


#5871: Squall -> BballSparkle

Squall: Whats up my nig?

BballSparkle: nothing at all…. and hate to break it to ya. .i;m white

Squall: Ohh so your racist now?

BballSparkle: no…..

BballSparkle: I am just stating

Squall: So i cant be like whats up my nig anymore?

BballSparkle: ok u can… I am sorry

Squall: ITs not your fualt i was just making sure you didnt have long hair

BballSparkle: umm… ok

BballSparkle: lol

Squall: IF i told ypou i was racist against dead people would you hate me?

BballSparkle: ummm u mean biased??

Squall: No prejudised

BballSparkle: there ya go

Squall: No there you go

BballSparkle: u told me

Squall: They got cookies in this line….HOLLA


BballSparkle: I am ??

Squall: You are??

BballSparkle: right

Squall: So you play Bball?

BballSparkle: yeah

Squall: DO you spark while doing it?

BballSparkle: u knwo it

Squall: LIke dribble spark dribble spark

BballSparkle: well u could put it that way?

Squall: Ohh did you ever light the gym on fire?

BballSparkle: only the one time

Squall: amn you

BballSparkle: I know… it

Squall: Did you extinguish it?

BballSparkle: no… the other team did.. considering I smoked them

Squall: You smoked them??

BballSparkle: yeah ??

Squall: Did you get high?

BballSparkle: did u?

Squall: No did you

BballSparkle: no

Squall: You smoked a whole team and didnt get high?

BballSparkle: I havea high tolerance

Squall: Did you inhale?

BballSparkle: gtg ….

Squall: aight

Squall: Peace out my nig