#10924: hockeybreezer16 -> davepoobond

I forgot who this guy was.

hockeybreezer16: hi

davepoobond: hi

hockeybreezer16: sup

davepoobond: nothing much. you

hockeybreezer16: kool same

davepoobond: so do i know you from somewhere

davepoobond: or did you get my sn from somewhere

hockeybreezer16: chat room

davepoobond: ehhh….which one?

davepoobond: i wasn’t in any chat room

davepoobond: today

hockeybreezer16: ya

davepoobond: i wasn’t in one.


#10917: CuteVBChica -> davepoobond

I had this reallllllly good IM, but then AIM had an error and closed down. I IMd her back, and this happened:

CuteVBChica: so bye

davepoobond: wait

davepoobond: do you have the IM we just had

CuteVBChica: yea

davepoobond: can i have it

CuteVBChica: no

davepoobond: why not come on

CuteVBChica: why do u wan tit

davepoobond: i was just jerkin your chain the whole time

davepoobond: i put it on my web site

CuteVBChica: wut website

davepoobond: www.squackle.com

davepoobond: its down right now though

CuteVBChica: no ur not having it

davepoobond: and i change the sns, so its not even your sn

CuteVBChica: buh bye

davepoobond: waitttt

CuteVBChica: nooooooooooo

davepoobond: comonnnn

CuteVBChica: nooooo

davepoobond: don’t be mean

davepoobond: hello

CuteVBChica: hello

davepoobond: don’t be mean

CuteVBChica: i will

davepoobond: you want me to do something?

davepoobond: want me to say i’m sorry?

CuteVBChica: that won’t help sorrrrrry

davepoobond: want me to say something else

davepoobond: want me to drive over to your house and give you free sex

CuteVBChica: no thanks

CuteVBChica: u don’ty know where i live

davepoobond: well that’s why you tell me and pay for the airfare

CuteVBChica: no thanks BYE!!

davepoobond: COMONNNN

davepoobond: this is no fun

CuteVBChica: nope so bvyue

davepoobond: it was such a good time though

CuteVBChica: bye**

davepoobond: it was funnnyyyyy

davepoobond: i bet you laughed too

davepoobond: didn’t you

CuteVBChica: nope not once

davepoobond: oh comon

davepoobond: not even the printing out of your screen name

davepoobond: and me fucking it

davepoobond: with my penis

davepoobond: or the question about

davepoobond: me pounding you

davepoobond: and you being stupid

davepoobond: and not telling me the answer to it

davepoobond: hello

CuteVBChica: nope

davepoobond: come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you mean to tell me you didn’t even laugh when i was asking you if i could ask a question

davepoobond: and then you said “just did”

davepoobond: like the smarty you are

davepoobond: notice how i didn’t say smart ass

davepoobond: cause i have respect for you

davepoobond: and also our dissing contest

davepoobond: where you called me a dick

CuteVBChica: i never klaughed

davepoobond: and i called you a cunt rag

CuteVBChica: so

davepoobond: or even when i said you were a bitch 40 million times

CuteVBChica: NEVER

davepoobond: or how about right now

CuteVBChica: never

davepoobond: because i just went through the whole last half hour that i’ve talked with you and summarized it up in the last 10 min

CuteVBChica: wutever

davepoobond: so where do you live

Auto response from CuteVBChica: i’M sO uNlOvEd :'( ……..

ThE wHoLe WoRlD tO mE iS a BlAcK hOlE…………………….

CuteVBChica: not telling you

davepoobond: do you live on earth?

CuteVBChica: yup

davepoobond: united states?

CuteVBChica: yup

davepoobond: california

CuteVBChica: nope

davepoobond: wanna see something funny

davepoobond: the same guy that you called nasty

davepoobond: i IMd him

davepoobond: and i had this really long IM with him

davepoobond: and i told him i was a 12 year old girl

davepoobond: first of all, this guy is a dumbass

davepoobond: cause he doesn’t see the “dave” part in my name

CuteVBChica: lol

davepoobond: and we “talked dirty”

CuteVBChica: shopw me ur convo

davepoobond: but then stupid AIM had to close

CuteVBChica: oh

davepoobond: that’s why i dont have the im i had with you

CuteVBChica: ok

davepoobond: (I show her the IM with hockeybreezer16, #10916)

davepoobond: what a loser huh

CuteVBChica: yup

davepoobond: lol

davepoobond: anyway

davepoobond: v8 is like cold tomato soup

davepoobond: i dont like it

CuteVBChica: lol

CuteVBChica: show me more

davepoobond: i can show you some more

davepoobond: that are on my web site

davepoobond: sort of though, its kinda hard to link to them

davepoobond: cause the url isn’t workin

CuteVBChica: o i meant something else

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: like another IM?

I end up showing her some IMs….


#10916: hockeybreezer16 -> davepoobond

hockeybreezer16: hi

davepoobond: hi

hockeybreezer16: want to cyber

davepoobond: i thought we already did

davepoobond: i put my strap-on on and fucked you in the ass over and over

hockeybreezer16: its your turn

hockeybreezer16: i didnt go

davepoobond: did i mention that i usually have 43 year olds screw me in the ass, and i have a really loose ass

davepoobond: and i have a line of boobs going down my back

davepoobond: and i am 12 years old

hockeybreezer16: ya

davepoobond: ok

hockeybreezer16: i want to fuck u

davepoobond: and i want to fuck you too

hockeybreezer16: put my dick in your pussy

davepoobond: you don’t remember? i have 2

davepoobond: one is to the left

davepoobond: one is to the right

davepoobond: which one?

hockeybreezer16: both but not a the same time

hockeybreezer16: right

davepoobond: right as in ok or right as in right now or right as in the right one

hockeybreezer16: right one

davepoobond: ok you’re stupid

hockeybreezer16: i want your right one first

davepoobond: shut up

hockeybreezer16: y

davepoobond: you’re annoying

hockeybreezer16: y


#10915: davepoobond -> hockeybreezer16

I had this really good IM with this guy, but then AIM closed down. When I came back on, I IMd him again.

davepoobond: do you have the IM

davepoobond: that we just had

hockeybreezer16: its your trun to cyber

hockeybreezer16: u there

He invites me to a chat, and then doesn’t say anything in it…