#10937: fartsinajar -> davepoobond

fartsinajar: aim bot ur gay

davepoobond: ok

fartsinajar: go to this site

fartsinajar: (hang on)

fartsinajar: http://www.aimforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=3098&start=0

fartsinajar: they it is

fartsinajar: the guy talks to the bot for 9 pages

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: it doesn’t work

fartsinajar: uhhh


#10568: fartsinajar -> davepoobond

fartsinajar: you are stupid

davepoobond: why

fartsinajar: because you are effeminate

davepoobond: i’m not a girl

fartsinajar: yes

fartsinajar: youare not

fartsinajar: but you are effeminate

fartsinajar: d

davepoobond: nor am i feminine

fartsinajar: haha

fartsinajar: oh forget it

davepoobond: k

fartsinajar: so

fartsinajar: pantera rocks

fartsinajar: in case you were wondering

davepoobond: yeah ok

fartsinajar: yeeeeeaaaaah

fartsinajar: hhhh


#10376: fartsinajar -> davepoobond

fartsinajar: guess what

fartsinajar: im leaving

davepoobond: for?

fartsinajar: to go to the pub for a hamburger

davepoobond: oh

fartsinajar: should be tasty

davepoobond: thats great

fartsinajar: bye

davepoobond: yeah ok bye

davepoobond: get drunk

davepoobond: and think of me :-*


fartsinajar: hey i didnt get drunk

davepoobond: ya sure whatever

fartsinajar: look im back now and im not drunk

davepoobond: ok

fartsinajar: good im glad were clear

davepoobond: i’m supposed to believe you went to a pub and didnt touch a lick of liquor (haha that rhymed)

fartsinajar: haha


The Excretory System

Our system is the excretory system. The purpose of the system is to get rid of materials that the body doesn’t need anymore. It’s essential to do this because otherwise waste would get blocked up and eventually poison you. You will hear about how waste is gotten rid of by the body in this report.

For solid waste, you need to have waste products which could include undigested food, water, salt, skin cells, bacteria, bacterial waste and pigment. All these things come together and, as they go through the small intestine, these things get filtered from the things you need to live on. The waste products get pushed on to the large intestine and then exit the body. The brown color comes from bacteria breaking down other bacteria. Some diseases you could get in this system are diarrhea and the intestinal flu.

For liquid waste, blood goes through the kidneys and the kidneys filter out any waste products which is mostly extra water (99.8%), salts and urea. Liquid waste is made by the kidneys filtering blood and taking out any waste products. When the kidneys filter this, it filters down into the bladder which fills up like a balloon. Then nerves inside the bladder tell your brain that you better go pee right away. Your brain usually says, “no, don’t bother me now.” This delaying can go on for a little while, but then you will really need to go and you better find a place quick. Liquid waste is cleaner than the skin on your face and the spit in your mouth. That’s because it is not home to bacteria. Diseases you can get from liquid waste are . What this disease does is make your kidneys stop filtering blood and that will eventually kill you if you don’t get it treated. Another thing that can go wrong is if you have some kind of accident where one of your kidneys gets destroyed. In that case the other kidney gets bigger to accommodate that.


Chocolate Poop

I love chocolate poop. I had my first taste of chocolate poop at a restaurant called Le poop. It was so good that it became my favorite dessert. Now I want to try making it at home. First, I get a saucepan and put 1/4 cup of butter in it to melt slowly. Then I put a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips into the saucepan. They melt slowly as I stir them with a spoon. I also add milk and vanilla until it is smooth and not too thick. Then I pour it into the poop pot and light the burner under it to keep it warm. The deep, rich chocolate liquid slowly courses into the poop pot. I breathe deeply the fragrance of sweet smelling poop. My mouth starts watering at the wonderful yummy smell of chocolate. Next I get out the marshmallows which will be used to dip into the chocolate. The bag of poop feels soft and spongy under my fingers. I know the little brown puffs are fresh.

Picking up a poopie, I put the delectable treat on a fork. Then I dip it into the chocolate as far as it will go. The marshmallow dips into the chocolate about 3/4’s of the way. The poopie turns a very deep luscious brown. The chocolate drips down most of the rest of poop. Taking a last look, I shove it into my mouth and an overwhelmingly chocolatey taste floods my mouth. The chocolate mixes irresistibly with the marshmallow, creating a sweet, gummy version of the chocolate sauce. I chew and swallow, there will be more, but the first is always the best.

After I am full of poop, I force myself to stop eating the scrumptious treat. I am very full and satisfied after the delicious dessert. My poop is almost as good as the poop I had at the restaurant. The main difference between my poop and the restaurant poop is that they put alcohol in it and light it on fire before we eat it. The restaurant also had fruit and other things to dip into the poop, but my favorite was marshmallows. I have a sudden urge to eat all the rest of the chocolate sauce and now I will be sick until I wake up in the morning. But boy do I still like poop! Woo woo! Poop, poop, poop!


The Name Of My Poop Is George. He Is a Male

that’s the reason that i came here to dine

the poo is not all the good you are a big fat large guypoit ppoopp the reason that i asked you to come here is this: you are all part of a great entity….a gerat thing here




DULL BOY1/41/4_-ppo-machines





tTque pasa? yo soy un gato grandepo tha poo

is no ver6y good

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i wantheo warmn my hands upon your poo

yes that would be very nice

the cool thing about that is that you areodumb the

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOppppppppppppppppp moshing song; guerilla radio



#6341: davepoobond -> fartsinajar

davepoobond: moooooooooooooose

fartsinajar: duuuuuuuuurg

fartsinajar: hahha

davepoobond: wtf is that from

fartsinajar: you know retarded duuuurrrg

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: yeah well…….nyah!

davepoobond: i just flicked you off by flicking my thumb off my teeth

fartsinajar: okkkkk

fartsinajar: i bite my thumb at thee


#6282: davepoobond -> fartsinajar

davepoobond: wow

fartsinajar: wha

davepoobond: yer on

fartsinajar: huh

davepoobond: blah

fartsinajar: stewpid

davepoobond: NO YOU’RE STUPID

fartsinajar: hey, did you see stimpyismyname’s braces?

davepoobond: barely

fartsinajar: ha ha

fartsinajar: i saw them

davepoobond: yay

davepoobond: it was funny watching him eat lunch

davepoobond: 3 apple sauce packages

davepoobond: and he was drinking them

fartsinajar: hee hee

fartsinajar: i’m notifying aol on you

davepoobond: why

davepoobond: u didnt really do it, did you?

fartsinajar: because you’re not being nice to my baby bro

fartsinajar: no

davepoobond: k

fartsinajar: why

davepoobond: because i was wondering

fartsinajar: huh

fartsinajar: oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

davepoobond: are you gonna see Legend of Kung Pow?

fartsinajar: no… yes!!!

davepoobond: “my name is betty”

fartsinajar: that looks like a classic

fartsinajar: ha ha

fartsinajar: i g2g

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: bye

fartsinajar: see ya later