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::Everyone is eating dinner at a restaurant near a window::

::davepoobond’s dad goes outside to smoke a cigarette::

::Everyone keeps talking::

::dadpoobond goes up near the window while he is smoking and shakes his head, nods his head, acting like he can hear and is part of the conversation::

– at a Mexican restaurant, 6/19/07


Basic Overview of Life: 05/26/1998

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Dear Computer,

Today was a total bore, not to mention last weekend with dadpoobond, but the only fun I got was when we were watching movies we bought at Costco (a.k.a. Price Club) Well nothing else to say…til’ tomorrow I think it’s going to be a big day, it’s a hunch (though my hunches always come at the wrong time to have a hunch, but maybe this time it might be on time)