#10908: davepoobond -> chelsbaby101

Its possible that this person is the same as “Chels” in some weird freaky stroke of luck kind of way. Its probably not going to be able to be proven, though.

davepoobond: hey baba

chelsbaby101: asl

davepoobond: 190/trisexual/indiana

chelsbaby101: buhbye

davepoobond: huhloo

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: hello

Previous message was not received by chelsbaby101 because of error (4:20:31 PM): User chelsbaby101 is not available.


#5877: D-Fiance -> Chels

D-Fiance: Hello, I am from the sales department at KrAzY SyKO, inc. I would like to ask you a few questions about our new product.

Chels: ok..

D-Fiance: Great, lets get started.

D-Fiance: How much would you pay for our brand new invention?

Chels: what is this brand new invention?

D-Fiance: Air

Chels: nothing

D-Fiance: You see, soon the world will have none. We have new geneticly engineered air.

D-Fiance: It is always fresh and can be pumped right into your house.

Chels: sorry thats a little too impossible to believe thank u!

D-Fiance: Well hypothetically, what would you pay?

D-Fiance: This is your life we are talking about.

Chels: for my life, up to thousands the most, ten thousands

D-Fiance: What about a monthly payment?

Chels: i guess a hundred or so a month

D-Fiance: What if I told you we could install it for 29.99 tomarrow?

Chels: ur crazy buh bye!

D-Fiance: No Ma’am, Im KrAzY. But wait! I have another invention to ask you about!

Chels: and what is this one? water?

D-Fiance: …..ok, I have a third invention to ask you about, ready?

Chels: sure..

D-Fiance: Ok, how about a fusion power generator right next to your house?

D-Fiance: It will last the rest of your life, and only a static fee, no Kilowatt per hour deal here.

D-Fiance: Ma’am?

D-Fiance: if you dont answer my questions I will be forced to chain myself to your car and not leave until the police come with the jaws-of-life.

Chels: yeah whatever buh bye

D-Fiance: Ma’am please

D-Fiance: Ma’am, I am sorry for the outburst, but would you please answer just a few more questions?

Chels: no

D-Fiance: May I ask why?

Chels: becuz ur crazy or krazy….whatever i don’t talk to losers like u

D-Fiance: Ma’am this is my job, I have a quota. Can I please just ask you a few more questions?