#10919: SR71 Steve -> Daedric Lord 666

Alright, i have a cooperation betweeen dan and he. I pick out some fool at random. Dan’s IM is basically dan trying to hit on him. Here’s my side.

SR71 Steve: 😀

SR71 Steve: 😀

Daedric Lord 666: hey

SR71 Steve: 😀

Daedric Lord 666: whoz dis?

SR71 Steve: 😀

Daedric Lord 666: ????????????

SR71 Steve: :-\

Daedric Lord 666: O_o??????????

SR71 Steve: >

Daedric Lord 666: ?????????????

SR71 Steve: i like pie

SR71 Steve: and i’m a pimp

Daedric Lord 666: ooo u


Daedric Lord 666: ???

Daedric Lord 666: who r u again?

SR71 Steve: spawn of satan

SR71 Steve: who are you?

SR71 Steve: the real slim shady?

Daedric Lord 666: sweet

Daedric Lord 666: and I’m a G-UNIT soldier

SR71 Steve: G-unit!

SR71 Steve: roflmao

SR71 Steve: G-units are the bitches of F units

SR71 Steve: lol

SR71 Steve: stupid g units

Daedric Lord 666: whaa??

SR71 Steve: Do my laundry bitch

SR71 Steve: your my bitch G unit

Daedric Lord 666: hell no

SR71 Steve: ARROWED!

SR71 Steve: POSSUMS!

Daedric Lord 666: tell my other bitches that

Daedric Lord 666: they’ll do ur shit

SR71 Steve: you have fucking H unit for bitches

SR71 Steve: H unit isn’t worth crap


Daedric Lord 666: who the hell are u?

SR71 Steve: spawn of satan

SR71 Steve: fucktard

SR71 Steve: i gusse it’s a G unit thing

SR71 Steve: Hi

Daedric Lord 666: how in hell did u got my sn?

SR71 Steve: Daddy gave it too me

Daedric Lord 666: who>>> ur daddy????

Daedric Lord 666: weird

SR71 Steve: think about it

SR71 Steve: shithead

SR71 Steve: SPAWN of satan

SR71 Steve: thessse G-units

SR71 Steve: think they’re all tough

SR71 Steve: but then they meet a possum

SR71 Steve: or get arrowed

SR71 Steve: seriously, blue meatloaf is the shit

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: my homosexual friend says you’re hitting on him

SR71 Steve: is that how it goes with you G units?

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: hi

SR71 Steve: are you the real slim shady?

SR71 Steve: cuz my dad thinks he’s the shit

Daedric Lord 666:

Charger979: wanna cyber anyways?

Daedric Lord 666: hell no!

Charger979: ….you dissapoint me

Charger979: come on, it’ll be fun

Daedric Lord 666: hell no

Charger979: Is that all you say?

Charger979: either way, it turns me on

Daedric Lord 666: o god

Charger979: come on man

Charger979: you start

Daedric Lord 666: hell no!

SR71 Steve: STOP HITTING ON HIM!!!!!!!!

SR71 Steve: he;’s too good for G unit

SR71 Steve: fucktard

Daedric Lord 666: then u go and fuck him

SR71 Steve: I don’t go that way

SR71 Steve: homophobe

SR71 Steve: your going to hell dude

SR71 Steve: and hell is bad

Daedric Lord 666: hell is good

SR71 Steve: yeah, if your the spawn of satan

SR71 Steve: if you’re just some crappy G unit, it sucks


Daedric Lord 666: slim shady sucks

SR71 Steve: damn, that’s another pineapple up the ass from daddy

SR71 Steve: and quit raggin on mexicans

Daedric Lord 666: what???

SR71 Steve: i know why you won’t cyber with my friend

SR71 Steve: it’s cuz he;s mexican

SR71 Steve: racisit bastard

Daedric Lord 666: I’m not gay!!!

SR71 Steve: ;-)suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure;-)

SR71 Steve: and quit trying to shit behind my back

Daedric Lord 666: IT’S TURE!!!!!!!!!!!!> !!!!!!!!!!!!!

SR71 Steve: i know what your IMing him

Daedric Lord 666: Thats it I gonna get the other G-Unit soldiers to kick ur gay ass!


SR71 Steve: G unit sucks

SR71 Steve: literally

SR71 Steve: my friend knows

SR71 Steve: so what about that digiduel

SR71 Steve: http://i_own_you_fucking_G_unit.net/fuckfaceisgay.html


#10900: Charger979 -> Spike52688

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Spike52688: whos this?

Charger979: names frank

Spike52688: umm ok?

Charger979: do you like speedy ganzoloaz?

Charger979: or whatever the fuck tht thing’s nam is

Charger979: well?

Charger979: you pussy, won’t say anything

Spike52688: why?



Spike52688: fuck u

Charger979: fucking pussy that got beaten up by a kid half his size

Charger979: fuckin loser

Spike52688: where do u go to school?

Charger979: brentsville district high school

Charger979: why?

Charger979: what about you?

Charger979: horizon!

Charger979: fucking AZ loser

Charger979: Virginia is way better

Charger979: fucking loser

Charger979: getting beat up by a kid half your size

Charger979: that’s unheard of!

Charger979: that’s exactly why its known coast to coast i guesss…

Charger979: but still

Charger979: i can’t believe how much you suck

Charger979: you suck at life

Charger979: you deserve to die

Spike52688: u wanna fight me or somethin

Charger979: yeah

Charger979: i’m more then half your size, so there’s no way i’ll lose

Charger979: too bad i’m across the country you fuck

Spike52688: when r u in az?

Charger979: although it would be fun to kick your ass

Charger979: never

Charger979: idiot

Charger979: never have been

Charger979: news of you though has made it over here

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: so, of course i took the time to find your sn from some people i met who used to live here

Charger979: bull shit!

Spike52688: im stronger now

Charger979: you fucking loser!

Charger979: don’t even talk

Charger979: that’s pussy talk

Spike52688: SCREW YOU TOO

Spike52688: u to pussy to come to az and fight me?

Charger979: it doesn’t matter how strong you are if you kid has to jump to punch you in the head

Charger979: ha!

Charger979: i’m not going to waste my time and money

Charger979: fucking loser

Spike52688: im stronger and faster now

Charger979: i can’t believe your up for another fight

Spike52688: i can kick ur ass

Charger979: oh no, i’m so scared

Spike52688: u better be stupid fuck

Charger979: the kid who got beaten up be a kid half his height has gotten stronger

Charger979: i fight for a living you ass hole

Spike52688: fuck off

Charger979: oh no. . .

Charger979: please

Charger979: actually, wait

Charger979: that’s a good point

Spike52688 signed off at 1:34:25 AM.

Best part about this one is that i gave him the illusion that news of his fight has reached virginia. Which is beyond awesome, and, now it has. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAA!!! It’s a true story incase you didn’t realize. Kid’s name is Will. Spread the word. Please.


#10899: Charger979 -> MonkeysAreComing

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hello???

MonkeysAreComing: hey?

Charger979: hi

Charger979: what’s up

MonkeysAreComing: who may this be?

Charger979: i like pie, and stuff

Charger979: don’t know who this is

Charger979: some one i guess…

Charger979: kinda a nobody

Charger979: do you like pie?

Charger979: i just happened to have your SN, i don’t know why

Charger979: pretty weird if you ask me

Charger979: but anyways

Charger979: you don’t talk much do you

MonkeysAreComing: do you know a keith?

Charger979: not much of a jedi obviously, bec/ hell, i’ve met a lot of jedi in my day, and they never shut up

Charger979: no

Charger979: don’t know a keith…

MonkeysAreComing: beef?

Charger979: beef is good

Charger979: beef is very good

Charger979: you can eat it…

Charger979: play games with it. they kinda suck at scrabble though

Charger979: you can throw it at people too though

Charger979: that’s always fun

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

Charger979: hi

MonkeysAreComing: WHO IS THIS?

Charger979: are you gay by any chance? lots of canadians are gay

MonkeysAreComing: grady?

Charger979: no, gay, homosexual

Charger979: are you?

Charger979: i mean, you never know

MonkeysAreComing: no

Charger979: it’s kinda creepy when you figure out you’ve been talking to a homosexual, so…

Charger979: okay

Charger979: that’s good to hear

MonkeysAreComing: who are you?

Charger979: …haven’t come out of the closet yet have you?

Charger979: umm…

Charger979: hmm….

Charger979: some guy…

Charger979: damn it!

Charger979: wtf was my name again? i don’t really remember

Charger979: hold on

Charger979: let me ask my brother

Charger979: he remembers things

Charger979: i tend to forget things

Charger979: now what was i going to do again?

Charger979: did you know

MonkeysAreComing: what is your name?

Charger979: i dream of my own death over, and over, and over and over again every night?

Charger979: my names dan

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

Charger979: what’s yours?

MonkeysAreComing: keith or beef, whichever you prefer

Charger979: oh

Charger979: i’ll try to remember that

Charger979: i better right it down

Charger979: keith or beef = monkeysarecoming on AOL Instant Messenger

Charger979: maybe i should write it down somewhere else, huh?

Charger979: so you like star wars?

Charger979: i like star wars

MonkeysAreComing: dan?

Charger979: yeah

Charger979: dan

Charger979: that’s my name

Charger979: good call

MonkeysAreComing: last name?

Charger979: i’ll ask my brother

Charger979: hi

Charger979: what’s your name?

Charger979: oh

Charger979: my bad

Charger979: now i remember

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what was i going to do again?

Charger979: oh, right

Charger979: i actually remembered!

Charger979: that’s like the 1st time ever!!!!

Charger979: yeah!

Charger979: woohoo!

Charger979: wait, why am i happy again???

Charger979: damn…

Charger979: that sucks

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what’s going on?

MonkeysAreComing: UHH


Charger979: do you like star wars?

MonkeysAreComing: tell me

Charger979: oh, right

Charger979: real name

Charger979: dan harrison

Charger979: why?

Charger979: does it really matter?

Charger979: i woke up one day

Charger979: and BAMN!

Charger979: your name is on my screen name

Charger979: err….

Charger979: buddy list

Charger979: hehe

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: answer the damn question! i answered yours!

Charger979: do you like star wars!!!!!

MonkeysAreComing: do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?

Charger979: hmm. . . .slow typer arent we

Charger979: no, not really, bec/ i always remember myself

Charger979: thats always good

Charger979: so no

Charger979: now answer the question punk ass!!!

Charger979: do you like star wars!?

MonkeysAreComing: hey, bud dont talk to me like that

Charger979: . . . .why not?

MonkeysAreComing: im really not in the mood

Charger979: . . . . what mood?

Charger979: why won’t you just answer the question?

Charger979: huh?

Charger979: i’m sorry for being so rude

Charger979: won’t happen again

Charger979: omfg! say something!

MonkeysAreComing: yes, ok

Charger979: was that so hard?

Charger979: nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd nerd

Charger979: that was fun

Charger979: hehe

Charger979: anyways

Charger979: what’s new?

Charger979: live in canada eh? like me?

Charger979: i do

Charger979: it’s cold

Charger979: i don’t like it

MonkeysAreComing: grady?

Charger979: i used to live in the institution, they had heaters there

Charger979: who’s grady?

Charger979: do you like video games? like, metroid? i like metroid\

MonkeysAreComing: actually, metroid sucks

Charger979: i’m serious when i say that i don’t know who grady is

Charger979: fuck you bitch!

Charger979: i can’t believe you’d say such a thing!

Charger979: oh, sorry

Charger979: forgot

Charger979: am i annoying you?

MonkeysAreComing: uh yeah

MonkeysAreComing: but thats obviously your goal, so congrats

Charger979: ty


#8546: SR71 Steve -> Charger979

SR71 Steve: ajnin

Charger979: .did uoy neht tcerroc erom yaw tog I

SR71 Steve: asubayah

Charger979: !sdrawkcab emosewa si ajniN

SR71 Steve: deedni

SR71 Steve: ciscelsyd leef i

SR71 Steve: dab gnorst

Charger979: .gniddik on

Charger979: .norom dab gnorts did ydaerla I

SR71 Steve: .edoc sa siht esu dluohs ew, edud

SR71 Steve: !ufts

Charger979: .evlos ot drah taht ton s’it tub ,os yas uoy fI

Charger979: !ufts ot em llet uoy t’noD

SR71 Steve: ndrah gnikool yllear tuohtiw ti dear dluoc eno on

Charger979: .opyt ecin

SR71 Steve: hctib, eid dna ffo kcuf

Charger979: .sknaht oN

SR71 Steve: ?idiuqs htiw pu gnipeek neeb uoy

Charger979: .yllautca evah I ,haeY

SR71 Steve: kcab emac trebuh

SR71 Steve: tihs eht s’eh

Charger979: .edosipe eht yb remosewa gnitteg s’tI

SR71 Steve: yratnemmoc wen a did neve eh dna, heay

Charger979: .norom oga sedosipe 005 ,ekil s’tath ,tihs oN

Charger979: .oot kcab si knurd ehT

Charger979: .krowemoh ym od og ot deen I ,llew hA

SR71 Steve: knurd eht SI trebuh!

SR71 Steve: rehteh fo nikniht er’ouy

Charger979: .gniht emas ,rethceh trebuH

SR71 Steve: eurt

Charger979: .erew uoy emit emas eht taht gnipyt saw I ,wonk I heaY

SR71 Steve: oht kcab mixam tnaw i

Charger979: ?t’nsoed ohW

SR71 Steve: stoidi

SR71 Steve: emosewa os si siht, nam

Charger979: .og attog I dab oot ,gniddik oN

SR71 Steve: retal

Charger979: .retal