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Blanker:  Hey, you’re Receptionist right?

davepoobond:  yeah.

Blanker:  Do you want to trade?  I don’t like being Lead.

davepoobond:  Ok, doesn’t matter to me.

Blanker:  Ok!  Cool.  It’s cause I like doing breaks.

::davepoobond gives Blanker the break list and then stands behind the counter, doing nothing::

davepoobond (like a robot):  Assuming the Lead position…

::Blanker laughs::

– at davepoobond’s job, 6/21/07


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Man With Moustache: When are you guys going to get more of these bobble heads?

Blanker: I don’t know, we get lots of requests for it…

davepoobond: We’ll never get them again, they never order them because that would be too smart.

Blanker: Also, no one even bought them when we had them in stock the first time.

Man With Moustache: Ohhh!  I would buy one…

Blanker: Haha, we’ll give you a call when they come in.

Man With Moustache: Oh, thanks.

davepoobond: Yeah, we’ll give you a call when they come in.  You don’t even have to leave your phone number.

– at davepoobond’s job, 6/3/07