#6001: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: heybabe

stimpyismyname: yo

Berrybud: whuts ^

stimpyismyname: nothin

Berrybud: hows hieghtd

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: ***ahhs

stimpyismyname: alright then

Berrybud: wat

stimpyismyname: we want the funk

stimpyismyname: gotta have the funk

stimpyismyname: we need the funk

Berrybud: alxright then are you drunk

stimpyismyname: lets have the funk

Berrybud: oik then

stimpyismyname: “It’s about time you arrived, Mr. Snaggle”

stimpyismyname: hah


#6000: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: hey this is monica

stimpyismyname: hi

Berrybud: whats up

stimpyismyname: nothing

Berrybud: cool this is jeff s right

stimpyismyname: ya

Berrybud: sorry about the whole chaps thing

Berrybud: ya there

Berrybud: hey jeff talk to me

stimpyismyname: hello

Berrybud: ok……

stimpyismyname: beans fo life, yo!

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: hey sorry about the whole chapps thingy

Berrybud: ok bye

stimpyismyname: k

stimpyismyname: later


#5999: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: you suck …………hard

stimpyismyname: you smell…………bad

Berrybud: you like to sick ducks

stimpyismyname: you like to smell your smelly self

Berrybud: six pac

stimpyismyname: 2pac

Berrybud: i love that song

Berrybud: *singer

stimpyismyname: :-!

Berrybud: jk

stimpyismyname: :-!

Berrybud: shut the f up

stimpyismyname: bite me

Berrybud: love to

stimpyismyname: then do it

Berrybud: *rrrrrr*

stimpyismyname: haha

Berrybud: lol

Berrybud: hey jeffyj its mo

stimpyismyname: hi

Berrybud: brooke says u sick guys ducks

Berrybud: but ur cool wit me

stimpyismyname: brooke smells too

stimpyismyname: hahaha

Berrybud: brooke wont let u bite her

stimpyismyname: she doesnt have a choice

Berrybud: she say ok

Berrybud: but anyways whats up

stimpyismyname: bored as usual

Berrybud: oh cool

Berrybud: same here just wanting to talk to my boy

Berrybud: …….taylor

stimpyismyname: ………..nancy

Berrybud: huh? im lost

stimpyismyname: ok

Berrybud: would u mind explaining

stimpyismyname: would you?

Berrybud: what?

stimpyismyname: huh?

Berrybud: ahh im lost soo lost.

stimpyismyname: sucks 2 b u

Berrybud: stop whats wrong with u

stimpyismyname: sorry

Berrybud: u were soo sweet to me the other time i talked to u what happened

stimpyismyname: im sweet as sugar

Berrybud: well u sure arent acting like it now

Berrybud: i knwo u sweet as sugar but whats wrong today?

stimpyismyname: ahh

stimpyismyname: red

Berrybud: what

Berrybud: ok…..

Berrybud: and whats wrong with that?

Berrybud: talk to me!!!

stimpyismyname: brb

Berrybud: k

stimpyismyname: back

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: now will u answer me whats wrong with u and whats wrong with red?

stimpyismyname: im tired and red is evil

stimpyismyname: jk

Berrybud: well red and black are cool school colors

Berrybud: well dont be tired

Berrybud: go masked raiders!!

stimpyismyname: woohoo

Berrybud: jk thats a cool college though

Berrybud: tech

Berrybud: thats where my big bro is going

stimpyismyname: k

Berrybud: yea ur making me feel stupid and not loved

stimpyismyname: O:-)

Berrybud: i dont like that feeling =(

stimpyismyname: i’m sorry…

stimpyismyname: brb

Berrybud: its ok

Berrybud: ok

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: back

Berrybud: ok

stimpyismyname: haha

Berrybud: wut?

stimpyismyname: nuthin

Berrybud: no tell me

stimpyismyname: watchin tv…

Berrybud: oh ok

stimpyismyname: whee!!

stimpyismyname: yellow

Berrybud: yay red

stimpyismyname: greeeeeen

Berrybud: green eeewww

stimpyismyname: yum

Berrybud: blue yay!!

stimpyismyname: orangeee

Berrybud: not really

Berrybud: pink!!!

stimpyismyname: thats enough of that

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: ok donefinally

Berrybud: srry

Berrybud: brb

stimpyismyname: okey day

stimpyismyname: u back?

stimpyismyname: guess not

stimpyismyname: dum de dum


#5993: stimpyismyname -> Berrybud

stimpyismyname: no

Berrybud: what did i do

stimpyismyname: dont play dumb with me

Berrybud: im not dumnb

stimpyismyname: …

Berrybud: …..well what?

stimpyismyname: just “…”

Berrybud: ok

Berrybud: so what cha do today

stimpyismyname: well first I — ::jumps out window:: HAHAHAHA!!

stimpyismyname: AHHH YES! I AM COUNT CHOCULA!!

stimpyismyname: BWA HA!!!

stimpyismyname: HA!

stimpyismyname: HA!


#5988: Berrybud -> stimpyismyname

Berrybud: hey who is this

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: hello

stimpyismyname: yeah… ok….

Berrybud: just tell me who you are

stimpyismyname: leave me alone

Berrybud: y

stimpyismyname: BLAH

Berrybud: w/e ou were on my b list so i thought i woukd im you but nm

stimpyismyname: …what?

Berrybud: never mined

stimpyismyname: uh huh

Berrybud: i feel stupid when i talk to you

stimpyismyname: so what new with you

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: not telling

stimpyismyname: oooh

stimpyismyname: secrets!

Berrybud: you hate secrets

stimpyismyname: i like secrets

stimpyismyname: …blackmail too…

Berrybud: o realoly ne on me

stimpyismyname: say something stupid

stimpyismyname: right now

Berrybud: piggily wiggily

stimpyismyname: ha

stimpyismyname: ur stupid

Berrybud: i hate u

stimpyismyname: hahaha

Berrybud: do you go to my school

stimpyismyname: probly not

Berrybud: what are yoyr school colors

stimpyismyname: pink

stimpyismyname: and polka dots

Berrybud: i hate u you wont tell me who you are

stimpyismyname: 🙂

Berrybud: thats not funny i swear

stimpyismyname: 😀

Berrybud: i really hate you now do you know me at all tho really

stimpyismyname: lets practice on trying to make sense

Berrybud: grr do you know me at all

stimpyismyname: okay iS tht wath u

stimpyismyname: ?

Berrybud: i dunno

stimpyismyname: 😛

Berrybud: lol nnott

stimpyismyname: dum dum dum

stimpyismyname: hello?


#5986: stimpyismyname -> Berrybud


Berrybud: Brooke who is this

stimpyismyname: it depends

stimpyismyname: it all depends…

Berrybud: on what

stimpyismyname: …stuff…

Berrybud: like what give the specifics

stimpyismyname: i’d rather not, STU-U-UPID!!!

Berrybud: y

stimpyismyname: cause

Berrybud: y

stimpyismyname: STU-U-UPID

Berrybud: just tell me if you go to my school and what grade ur in

stimpyismyname: YES AND NO

stimpyismyname: …maybe…

Berrybud: your a dumbass

stimpyismyname: GASP!!!

stimpyismyname: PROFANITY!!

stimpyismyname: 3RD DEGREE!!

Berrybud: jus tell me what it is

stimpyismyname: what the who is?

Berrybud: who you are

stimpyismyname: …what…?

Berrybud: who are you?

stimpyismyname: …

stimpyismyname: my whosit is a whatsit?

Berrybud: whoisit

stimpyismyname: whosit, you say…

Berrybud: YES

stimpyismyname: a-whatsit-whosit, or a whosit-whatsit?

stimpyismyname: wassap???

Berrybud: pleeze just tell me who this is

stimpyismyname: whatsit ta yoo?”

stimpyismyname: whosit ta what?

stimpyismyname: vat???

Berrybud: you suck an jus tell me

stimpyismyname: OH OH OH????

stimpyismyname: I “SUCK”, DO I???

Berrybud: yeah

stimpyismyname: I’LL NEVER TELL YOU NOW….

Berrybud: o no im shakin in my boots

stimpyismyname: what?

Berrybud: nm loser

stimpyismyname: i’m an egiptian

stimpyismyname: eeeeeggggyyppttttt

Berrybud: no ur not stop ya liein

stimpyismyname: YOURE INSANE!!

stimpyismyname: I MUST GET OUT!!!

stimpyismyname: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Berrybud: your a freak

stimpyismyname: takes one to know that im rubber and you are bingo b-i-n-g-o!!!!!

stimpyismyname: CANT THINK…!

stimpyismyname: CAN ONLY SEND….

Berrybud: is this allyson

stimpyismyname: ….DUMB IMS!!!

stimpyismyname: thats great

stimpyismyname: ahem

stimpyismyname: i am paradox602

stimpyismyname: on my other sn

Berrybud: ok

stimpyismyname: i’m on both sn’s now

stimpyismyname: lets talk on both!!

Berrybud: just tell me who this is and ill stop bothering you

stimpyismyname: yeah, ud better, cause ur really annoying

stimpyismyname: geez

stimpyismyname: FREAK

Berrybud: DUMBASS

stimpyismyname: MORON

Berrybud: ASSHOLE

stimpyismyname: NINCOMPOOP

Berrybud: SHITHEAD

stimpyismyname: PUSSBUCKET


stimpyismyname: CATHEMROIDS

Berrybud: ok i dont have nemore

stimpyismyname: tuh

stimpyismyname: no wonder

stimpyismyname: POO…FACE

Berrybud: shut the hell up im not talking to you bye

stimpyismyname: alright, fuzzyfart

Berrybud: what the hell just tell me who you aer ……… stalker

stimpyismyname: ME???

stimpyismyname: A STALKER???

stimpyismyname: why…

stimpyismyname: ive…

Berrybud: yeah if you wont tell me who you are then im assunming your my stalker

stimpyismyname: yeah, whatever

Berrybud: yeah, ok

stimpyismyname: u were on my buddy list under “stupid”

stimpyismyname: heh heh

Berrybud: right just tell me who you are and ll leave you alone

stimpyismyname: whats the point?

Berrybud: i dunno jus te;ll me ill do anything

stimpyismyname: anything….??

Berrybud: yepp

stimpyismyname: hmmm

stimpyismyname: talk to paradox602 and say she’s stupid

stimpyismyname: haha ha

Berrybud: no nething but thar

stimpyismyname: uhhh

Berrybud: im not stupid

stimpyismyname: talk to my friend mrchubbybubbles when he gets on

Berrybud: ok no

stimpyismyname: just put him on your buddy list!

stimpyismyname: fine….

stimpyismyname: arghhh

Berrybud: hey i gtg bye

stimpyismyname: yeah….k


#5977: stimpyismyname -> Berrybud

stimpyismyname: die

Berrybud: what???

stimpyismyname: yea

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: hi

Berrybud: who is this

stimpyismyname: who do you think

Berrybud: i have no idea

stimpyismyname: yea, right.

Berrybud: who

stimpyismyname: what?

stimpyismyname: u still talkin bout that?

Berrybud: well i dont kno who you r

stimpyismyname: YEA?

stimpyismyname: WELL SO WHAT

stimpyismyname: I DONT KNOW WHO U R

Berrybud: then y dya im me

stimpyismyname: why does anybodyim anyone?

stimpyismyname: brb

Berrybud: k

stimpyismyname: back

Berrybud: just tell me ur name

stimpyismyname: tell me urs

Berrybud: Brooke

stimpyismyname: yea right

Berrybud: no seriously

stimpyismyname: k

Berrybud: now yours

stimpyismyname: im scared!!

Berrybud: tell me your freakin name

stimpyismyname: freak?

stimpyismyname: did you call me a freak???

Berrybud: no

Berrybud: i wanted you to tell me ur name

stimpyismyname: really……

stimpyismyname: thats what you

Berrybud: yea

stimpyismyname: ummmm

stimpyismyname: what?

Berrybud: just tell me ur name

stimpyismyname: why

Berrybud: i just wanna know who im talking to

stimpyismyname: you wouldnt know anyway

Berrybud: well i told yopu my name

stimpyismyname: well woop de do

Berrybud: tell me uyr name

stimpyismyname: …..

stimpyismyname: what?

Berrybud: im not talkinmg to you n e more

stimpyismyname: really….

stimpyismyname: HELL0!!!!!!!!

stimpyismyname: meow

stimpyismyname: meow meow meow

Berrybud: tell me who you r

stimpyismyname: hah!

stimpyismyname: knew you couldnt hold out

Berrybud: well i jus wanna knoe

Berrybud: opleeze.

stimpyismyname: hmmmmm

Berrybud: wht can i do to get you to tell me

stimpyismyname: lets see….

Berrybud: ………………

stimpyismyname: uhh

Berrybud: ……………..

stimpyismyname: go to scorpius.spaceports.com/~squackle

stimpyismyname: then tell ur friends to go

Berrybud: but i dont eant to

stimpyismyname: i dont care

Berrybud: well tell me ur namr

stimpyismyname: after

Berrybud: no no non nonm non non npn no!

stimpyismyname: …………………………………

Berrybud: bhrb

stimpyismyname: ok

Berrybud: back

stimpyismyname: wow

stimpyismyname: brb in 20 min

Berrybud: noo whats ur name