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Ima Crzyfocker Fock off 18/Jun/2001:11:47:40
The voices sent me…

The voices say to kill you, YES YOU.

Watch your back…

I’m right behind you with a labtop!

HAHA made you look!

I’m going to kill you with tooth picks and dirty socks, then I will
bury you upside down and piss on your grave!

Remeber my name, Ima Crzyfocker and this time I’M REALLY RIGHT BEHIND


Squackle Guestbook #20470

Thrivis Tundra Thrivis Tundra’s Sutaffu… 03/Jun/2001:15:07:29
Dis place is confoosing…… Do you take only wierd ass submissions? I’m
not that funny…. I only have some GFs playing tekken and pissing
eachother off… that’s about as funny as I get… Whatever… *starts to
leave* Hail Shiva! The queen of icecream…

Squackle Guestbook #20469

elmoisfurry u can probly guess 30/May/2001:20:15:44
hey all u loyal squackle fans ot there.
dont try and i hide.
i know ur out there.
what i want all of u guys an gals to do is send davepoobond as many
emails as u can, and have them all saying “CUT THE FAT GODDAMIT!!”
if u want u can repeat it a bunch of times to get the point across.
but send him hundreds of emails saying that
u may be asking y.
well… too bad im not telling u, lets just say it has sumthing to do
with greasy donkeys and surf board wax.
send all emails to davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com
thank u and have fun emailing!!!

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jamescrapbond Scluckle! One of the funniest sites on the net! 22/May/2001:14:29:34
This is the leader of Squackles Arch enemy website: “Scluckle”

you may have foiled our plans SQUACKLE MAN! but we are planning a tv-
series type revenge plan thats crazy and ends up threatning to destroy
the world which is bound to be destroyed by SQUACKLE MAN! every time we
come up with a plan like this! So be prepared for a sequence of threats
that will be eventually ruined by SQUACKLE MAN! and once again the day
will be saved!

Threat – The Internet will be ours! Quick scluckle men, to Al Gore’s
house, we must destroy the creator first!

With Love and Care and best wishes, The team of Scluckle:
jamescrapbond, renismyname, MyRightTesticle, ear, elmaismad, cako the
portuguse porker, watson and taco homeless-man